33 Reasons Why Cashews Are Our Favorite Pantry Staple

With a bag of raw cashews, you can make milk, enjoy decadent vegan cheesecake, whip up dairy-free mayo, top your bagels with a cream cheese-like spread–and that’s just for starters. Cashews are kind of a miracle ingredient in the kitchen, particularly if you don’t eat dairy. Here are 33 recipes that demonstrate exactly why cashews are one of our favorite pantry staples.

Cashew Tofu Quinoa Bowls

They add a satisfying crunch to stir fries.


I love cashews and they are great for vegan meals…but they are also very expensive. I find there are a lot of wonderful meals or especially desserts that can be made with cashews, but I tend not to make them except for special occasions because of cost.

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