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Welcome to Oh My Veggies! Oh My Veggies is a vegetarian food blog with a focus on easy recipes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

We don’t do fussy, we don’t do complicated—our goal is to share delicious meal ideas that anyone can make, from novice cooks to experienced foodies.

We’re home cooks just like you and we know that no one wants to spend all day in the kitchen, because we don’t either!

Oh My Veggies isn’t about the politics of vegetarianism, it’s just about cooking. It doesn’t matter why you’re here, the point is that you are here and we’re glad about that!


About the Author

Nicole is the author, writer, and driving force behind Oh My Veggies. She’s been a vegetarian for over 25 years, and has been sharing her recipes on the internet for a very long time.

You can find more of Nicole’s work at our sister sites – Delicious Everyday and Veg Kitchen.

She’s the author of the popular cookbook, Weeknight One Pot Vegan Cooking, and has even had the honor of cooking on live TV with Channel 8! Her recipes have been featured on sites such as Buzzfeed, Good Housekeeping, Shape, Huffington Post, and more.

In addition to running a successful digital media company, Nicole is a wife and the mom of a busy five-year old boy. She’s a major animal lover. And an avid traveler and photographer (read about her travels on Wandertooth)!

Work With Oh My Veggies

Nicole recently retired from her brand marketing career, to focus on her family and growing business. (Check out her resume on LinkedIn.)

She has over 15+ years of marketing experience, managing some of the largest consumer brands in the US.  She loves partnering with brands, and working to bring their messages to life for her audience.

Oh My Veggies has a reach over 1.6MM+ readers across our website and social media properties. We offer sponsored content campaigns, social media promotions, custom recipe development, and food and product photography.

If you would like to receive a media kit and learn more about working with Oh My Veggies, please reach out to Nicole at [email protected].

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