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Welcome to Oh My Veggies! Oh My Veggies is a vegetarian food blog with a focus on easy recipes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. We don’t do fussy, we don’t do complicated—our goal is to share delicious meal ideas that anyone can make, from novice cooks to experienced foodies. We’re home cooks just like you and we know that no one wants to spend all day in the kitchen. We don’t either!

We’re not into faux meats around here; the point of Oh My Veggies isn’t to recreate the experience of eating meat, so you won’t find recipes using soy meat replacements on our site. Instead, you’ll find recipes using real ingredients—recipes that are delicious in their own right, that don’t make you say, “This would be better if it were made with chicken.” We do our best to avoid processed ingredients, although we believe everything is okay in moderation. (Do you really want to cut brownies out of your life? No!)


Oh My Veggies isn’t about the politics of vegetarianism, it’s just about cooking—it doesn’t matter why you’re here, the point is that you’re here and we’re glad about that! Please don’t lecture us or other commenters about vegetarianism, nutrition, or anything else. Read our commenting policy here.


Please do not re-publish recipes and photos from Oh My Veggies on your blog or website. We work hard to develop our recipes and we will file takedown notices when our content has been stolen. If you wish to link to a post on Oh My Veggies, you’re welcome to use one photo from our post in conjunction with your link.

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