What I Ate This Week | Soba Noodles, Homemade Cabbage Chips and Nashville!

By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 24, 2014

Sweet Spicy Scallion Ginger Soba Noodles

As I mentioned before, Chris and I went to Nashville last weekend to meet up with his family. It’s kind of a nice halfway point between Chicago and Raleigh, so it worked out well. I completely slacked on my food blogger duties when we were there, though. I kept forgetting to take pictures of what we were eating and when I did remember, the pictures turned out all blurry. We were only there for one full day, so I couldn’t hit up all the places you guys suggested last week, but we did go to The Turnip Truck and Fido, which were both excellent.

We got into town late-ish on Friday, so we went with Chris’s family to Broadway, which is where all the bars and boot shops are, but the highlight for me was the bizarre souvenirs.

Tacky Nashville SouvenirsBecause really, what says Nashville like a gnome on a stripper pole or a Union Jack on a guitar? Nothing. They literally say Nashville on them. See? Nashville. (The stripper pole gnome is clothed, but barely. I figured I better cover her up or someone’s 5-year-old will walk into the room and ask a lot of uncomfortable questions and the angry emails will rain upon me like wee dollar bills at a gnome gentlemen’s club.)

New topic! This is completely unrelated to food, but if you ever find yourself in Nashville, you should stop at Old Made Good, which is where I bought this:

Haters Gonna Hate Cross StitchYOU GUYS I LOVE THIS PLACE. They also had needlepoints with quotes from Arrested Development and sure, not everyone will get it, but you will get it and that’s what matters, right? I could have spent a fortune in that store. I also had the chance to meet Stephanie from Henry Happened while I was in town, which was so much fun. We’ve known each other for over two years now and we both started our blogs around the same time, so we’ve kind of gone through all the different stages of blogging together. (Stephanie wrote a post about erasing dark circles with a parsley eye mask this week, which is very appropriate for me right now considering the lack of sleep I’ve been getting–if you can relate to this too, go check it out!)

Oh, and here’s what I ate this week:

Cabbage ChipsCabbage Chips from Bon Appétit // These were surprisingly good, except the centers were a little tough and I wished I had salted them before I baked them instead of after. So next time, I’d take the stems out and salt beforehand. And there will definitely be a next time because I seem to always have leftover cabbage–very few recipes call for a whole head!

Urban Remedy Raw SnacksUrban Remedy Raw Snacks // Urban Remedy got in touch with me after I wrote about my juice cleanse and offered to send me some of their raw snacks. I’m on a big raw snack kick right now (yes, still), so I was happy to try them and I’m glad I did–they are delicious! The Coconut Brownies were my favorite, followed closely by the Ginger Brittle. Next time Chris wants to do a cleanse, I think I’ll just order myself a big box of raw foods.

Sweet Spicy Scallion Ginger Soba NoodlesSweet/Spicy Scallion Ginger Soba Noodles from A House in the Hills // I only had about half the amount of ginger this recipe called for, but it was still delightfully gingery. We loved this!

Drowned CauliflowerDrowned Cauliflower from The Duke’s Table: The Complete Book of Vegetarian Italian Cooking // I received a copy of The Duke’s Table to review (and I’m giving away a copy on the Marketplace this month too) and this recipe is from the book. Cauliflower + olive oil + garlic + wine (about a cup), covered and cooked over low heat for about 30 minutes. Easy! And it was a lot tastier than I expected too–something I’ll definitely be making again. This is a historical cookbook, compiled by Enrico Alliata, an Italian duke, and first published in 1930. Many of the recipes are more aptly described as ideas–measurements are imprecise and dishes are simply cooked until they’re done. It’s fun to get a little glimpse into how vegetarians ate 100 years ago. (Believe it or not, even back then, vegetarians were making faux meats–in Alliata’s case, foie gras and liver.)

Disclosure: The link to Amazon is an affiliate link, so if you were to make a purchase, I’d get a small percentage of the sale price. I’ll take those pennies and buy myself something fancy.

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We’ve only driven through Nashville on our way to Memphis. I take that back, we stopped long enough to go to a highly recommended cupcake place that I do NOT highly recommend. But that store sounds right up my alley…along with the taffy…and anything Elvis.

I’m embarrassed that I still have not been to the Turnip Truck – or Old Made Good! Both are going on my summer list ASAP. And it was so much fun getting to see you in person last week – I hope you come to Nashville again soon!! (or maybe I will escape the 3 monsters and hit up Raleigh :))

You definitely need to go to both of them! You would love the jewelry at Old Made Good. (In fact, some of it even reminded me of stuff you’ve posted on your blog!)

Glad you enjoyed your trip instead of focusing on blogging duties! That peanut butter banana taffy actually sounds good, except I’m trying to avoid chewy candies these days for the sake of my cavity-filled teeth… I should expand beyond kale chips too – cabbage chips make sense to me, especially because I usually have a hard time using it up too!

🙁 Yeah, I get angry emails and comments sometimes too. Usually about the silliest things and you just have to laugh–like, why are you so angry that I used soy sauce in this recipe? Why??? You like coconut aminos better, then goshdarnit, use your coconut aminos.

They had Beatles stuff branded with the word Nashville. Craziness! I think I’m delirious from working so much because I just found that endlessly amusing. And I’m pretty sure I was the only one.

Let me know what you think of the cookbook! I was a history major, so the historical aspect of the book really fascinated me.

Soba noodles are my favorite and that cauliflower looks so good. I made something similar with Indian spices lately-yum. Glad you all had a great time in TN

I know, it totally was like meeting someone I’ve known for years. Well, I guess I was meeting someone I knew for years. But you know what I mean. 🙂

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