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Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services to Try This Year

vegetarian meal delivery services

An increasing number of people are jumping on the vegetarian or vegan bandwagon. However, a fast-paced lifestyle sometimes doesn’t allow you to dedicate enough time to your plant-based diet. You might be too busy to read vegetarian cookbooks and go searching for the best ingredients.

Luckily, there are a bunch of vegetarian meal delivery services that can help you maintain your healthy diet. Don’t worry if you’re a vegan because most meal delivery companies have a menu designed to cater specially to your dietary needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the best vegetarian meal delivery services that you should try.

1. Veestro

This meal delivery service sends you mouth-watering plant-based meals that are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Veestro is proud of the fact that each dish they produce is completely GMO-free and preservative-free. Also, as you may already assume, all the ingredients are organic.

There are four options to choose from at Veestro. You can have veggie meal packs, delicious a la carte dishes, or go for the service’s cold-pressed juice cleanses. However, Veestro’s weight loss meal plan is the true standout because few other meal delivery services take care of your weight.

No matter what plan you opt for, there are plenty of delicious foods you should try. Even if you go for the weight loss meal plan, you should definitely try the palatable veggie empanadas.

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2. Hungry Root

Hungry Root is one of the best vegetarian meal delivery services for a few good reasons. The company excels when it comes to website and packaging design and their Instagram ads have gone viral. More importantly, the service also provides excellent vegetarian meals that match the appealing aesthetics of the brand.

This meal delivery service offers palatable comfort foods that are made entirely of a healthy combination of legumes, vegetables, and nuts. Some dishes that stand out because of their unique taste include the cheesy butternut squash fries and the sweet potato pad Thai.

In addition to providing tasty dishes, Hungry Root also values your time. If the meal doesn’t come ready-to-eat, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to prepare it—at least, according to their website.

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3. Epicured

In addition to the interesting name, Epicured has an equally interesting menu to offer to any vegetarian or vegan who is careful about their dairy intake. If you have any kind of gluten sensitivity, this is the meal delivery service for you.

It is also worth noting that all of the gluten-free dishes at Epicured are prepared by a Michelin-star chef. There are a bunch of tacos, energy snacks, and delicious breakfast options to choose from. However, the one that stands out is the sesame ponzu soba noodles.

Another great thing about Epicured is that their dishes require no preparation. Once you receive the meal from this high-end vegetarian delivery services, you just need to heat it up, serve, and enjoy.

4. Purple Carrot

This meal delivery service is designed for vegetarians who would like to learn how to cook but don’t have enough time to source the ingredients. Purple Carrot delivers vegetarian meal kits to your doorstep, but you need to do the preparation yourself.

Each kit contains the exact portions of ingredients and a step-by-step recipe that you should follow. There are new seasonal vegetarian dishes every week, so you cannot get bored with the Purple Carrot kits. The dairy-free quesadilla is an absolute must, with a squeeze of lime and vegan mayo giving it a special kind of creaminess.

Unlike most other vegetarian meal delivery services, Purple Carrot promotes the so-called balance atarian dietary habits. This means that they support conscious eating without actually denouncing meat, fish, or dairy products.

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5. Terra’s Kitchen

Terra’s Kitchen will send you pre-prepared ingredients for palatable vegetarian comfort foods. You get the best possible ingredients and a set of instructions on how to transform them into a tasty meal. This meal delivery service does not cater exclusively to vegetarian customers and offers vegan and meat-based dishes as well.

Their recipes are based on Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle, but the thing that makes this service stand out is their Vessel. This is a climate-controlled container that Terra’s Kitchen uses to deliver the ingredients to you. The company then picks it up the next day to be reused.

When it comes to their vegetarian dishes, you shouldn’t miss the Terra’s Kitchen bowls. Both the Vegan Power Bowl and the Buddha Bowl are mouth-watering vegetarian delights with creaminess unlike any other.

6. Urban Remedy

This vegetarian meal delivery service will provide you with the healthy vegetarian food cleanse you’ve secretly wished for. Urban Remedy supports their clients in eating only clean and fresh plant-based meals, but the service also gives you the option to order meat. However, there is no dairy on the menu, and all the foods are completely gluten-free.

Urban Remedy offers all kinds of meal plans that range from different types of cleansers to the Kate Upton meal plan that is very popular with their subscribers. No matter what plan you order, the meal at your doorstep will be ready to eat and surprisingly fresh.

If you want to sample their uber-healthy menu before selecting your plan, you should try the Thai veggie noodles and the immunity-boosting Blue Magic cashew milk.

7. Green Chef

This vegetarian meal delivery service lives up to the name. Green Chef puts in extra effort to ensure all the meals and ingredients are 100% vegan and eco-friendly. There are four different menus to choose from, ranging from Keto to Omnivore, which includes meat options.

Green Chef offers separate meal plans for vegans and vegetarians that feature a surprising variety of dishes you will enjoy cooking. Vegetarian or not, you should definitely try the Green Chef chickpea meatloaf—a tasty take on the traditional meat-based dish.

Similarly, the vegan crab cakes could fool even hardcore omnivores. Besides the crab cakes, Green Chef’s grilled BBQ tempeh sandwich is a perfect brunch treat or a quick snack to go. Regardless of the meal plan you order, it is impossible to go wrong with Green Chef.

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The Last Bite

Over the past few years, vegetarian meal delivery services have become really popular. They offer a quick and usually inexpensive way to get the best vegetarian dishes and ensure that you only eat high-quality ingredients. If you still haven’t tried this kind of service, check out a few that are available in your area to find the one that works best for you.

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