What I Ate This Week | Greek Pizzas with Cauliflower Hummus and (Healthy!) Fudge

By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 23, 2014

Tempeh and Hummus Pita Pizzas

Did I mention that I got Invisalign a few weeks ago? I don’t think I did. And really, I wouldn’t mention it here (because do you care? probably not), except for the fact that it seriously messes with my eating habits because you have to take the aligners out in order to eat. I can only have my aligners out for 2 hours a day and when I put them back in, I have to brush my teeth. And I am way too lazy to brush my teeth more than 3 times a day, so I only eat 3 times a day now. No more snacky things! This is often referred to as the Invisalign Diet. It’s kind of like on The Real World: Los Angeles when Tami got her jaw wired shut to keep herself from eating. And now Tami is on Basketball Wives, so you can see that this all works out for the best.

Anyway! Now you know why I don’t have as many snack foods in these posts. My teeth aren’t terribly jacked up, I don’t have incisors protruding from my cheeks or anything like that, but after having braces when I was younger, things shifted a bit and my bite is off and after years of being told I needed braces again, I finally went ahead and did it. And now I have 9 months to a year without snacking. Somedays, this feels liberating. Other days, I just want a freaking granola bar.

Here’s what I ate this week:

Tempeh and Hummus Pita PizzasTempeh and Hummus Pita Pizzas from Cooking Light // The original recipe calls for lamb, but I used tempeh instead. Tempeh to the rescue! When you crumble it, it makes the perfect substitute for ground meat. I had giant burrito tortillas to use up, so I used those instead of pitas, and instead of regular hummus, I used my Roasted Cauliflower Hummus. These were really different! And I mean that in a good way! A lot of vegetarian recipes from magazines are variations of the same few things, which is why I almost prefer using non-vegetarian recipes from them instead.

Veggie Enchiladas with Corn, Black Beans & KaleVeggie Enchiladas with Corn, Black Beans & Kale from Jelly Toast // I don’t make enchiladas nearly enough! I made a half batch of these because I happened to have all of the ingredients on hand. I hate taking pictures of casseroles, but these were delicious!

Baked Sriracha Potato ChipsBaked Sriracha Potato Chips // I love these. I’m posting a new veggie burger recipe on Monday and I made them to have on the side. You can’t beat homemade baked potato chips.

Neat TacosNeat Tacos // If there was a theme to this week’s meals, it was, “Daaang, I have a lot of tortillas in the freezer that I need to use up.” I was sent some samples of Neat a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try this week. It’s a meat substitute made with nuts and beans. At first I wasn’t sure if I was cooking it right, but then I realized that I needed to break it up into small pieces with a wooden spoon as it cooked. Success! I very rarely buy meat substitutes, but this is one I like because it’s made with real ingredients.

Sesame Soba & Cucumber Noodles with TofuSesame Soba & Cucumber Noodles with Tofu from Vanilla & Spice // Genevieve from Vanilla & Spice convinced me to buy my spiralizer and she’s always posting creative recipes that use it too. I had been wondering if I could spiralize cucumber and then BOOM! Sesame Soba & Cucumber Noodles recipe. I love a cold noodle salad on a hot summer day.

Raw Walnut FudgeRaw Walnut Fudge from Rawmazing // I love this cookbook and I love fudge. This was so easy to make and so tasty. I’ve been having a piece after dinner every night. Chris and I decided to do another week-long raw foods thing next month (I hate calling it a cleanse or a fast, because it’s not! We’re eating a normal amount of calories, but they just happen to be from raw food!) and I’m planning on putting this book to good use.

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So glad you had a chance to try the cucumber noodles! I love discovering new things I can do with my spiralizer. I’ve never heard of invisalign, but that does not sound like fun! Although when I go on trips where I don’t snack during the day or at night, I realize that snacking really isn’t necessary and that I mostly do it out of boredom, so it could be a good experience!

I never snack on trips either–and sometimes I even skip meals and I feel fine. I really do think that snacking is more out of boredom and habit than out of necessity. At least for me, it is.

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