The Type A Housewife is now Oh My Veggies!

By Kiersten | Last Updated: April 18, 2012


As many of you know, I’ve been unhappy with the name of this blog for a while. When I started writing here, I had no idea that it would grow the way it has. I thought of The Type A Housewife as a tongue-in-cheek reference to Martha Stewart and that stereotypical perfect housewife that always has dinner on the table by 6. While I’m not a housewife, there’s that part of me that just wants to bake brownies and decoupage all day–The Type A Housewife was poking fun at that side of my personality.

I soon discovered that a lot of people were taking my blog’s name at face value. I started to feel uneasy about it and wondered if, instead of poking fun at a stereotype, I was inadvertently doing something that was helping reinforce that stereotype. (I think it’s a valid choice for a man or a woman to leave the workforce and stay at home, but we can all agree that they’re not baking brownies and decoupaging all day, right?) And while I am proud of the content I’m producing and the recognition this blog has gotten, I felt embarrassed to tell people the name of my blog–it required explanation and I’ve gotten tired of explaining.

Despite this, I always felt like it was too late to change my blog’s name. Everyone knows my blog as The Type A Housewife. And I worried that I get too much traffic from search engines to start up again on a new domain. But this has been nagging at me for a long time and I’ve realized that I’m not going to wake up one morning and suddenly feel good about the name. So The Type A Housewife is now Oh My Veggies.


Random photo added to break up massive amount of text. Am I always this long-winded?

  • will automatically redirect to, so the transition should be pretty painless. If you find any broken links or other technical issues, please let me know.
  • My feed will remain the same, so there should be no disruption in RSS or email delivery.
  • I’m now @ohmyveggies on Twitter and I’m working on changing over my other social media accounts, but these are all changes made on my end, not yours–if you’re following my old accounts, you will be following the new ones.
  • This is the biggie! If you’re a blogger and you’ve linked to me in the past, please update the links to reflect my new URL. You don’t have to (the old links will still work), but it will help me build my PageRank for the new domain.

I feel a little bit of sadness saying good-bye to my old name (although I will still own the domain so no one else can set up shop there), but growth and change are good things, right?

Oh, and I have to add a quick shout out to the amazing Sarah from One Starry Night. If you’re doing a redesign, transferring things from one domain or platform to another, or need any other blog-related help, hire Sarah. I was nervous about doing some of the backend changes I wanted to make myself and also nervous about letting someone else do them for me, but Sarah came through and put in a lot of extra time to fix some unexpected issues that came up. Thank you, Sarah!

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Thanks! I’m still working on transitioning everything (and I’m waiting on my new logo–guess I should have made the change before getting that done, huh?), but it’s been pretty painless so far. Knock on wood!

Ha! I am married, but I do consulting work. Although I work from home, which is why I have the luxury of cooking dinner at 3pm in order to get good lighting. 😉

Exciting stuff! New name is great, but I dug the old one, too. Either way, congrats on making the transition — it looks seamless. And as an actual Type A Housewife, I prefer the monnikers “Punk Housewife” or just plain “Honey Badger” — at least that’s what I prefer while I’m decoupaging. (snort)

It was seamless! I did a test run in MAMP and some things weren’t working out right, so I ended up hiring Sarah to do the real move & I’m so glad I did. 🙂

Punk Housewife is just a blog begging to happen, no? 😉

This is wonderful news! I am beyond thrilled for you. The name change will help to establish you even more so as a kick-ass food bloggers. (Which is what you are in my book!) So, I hope that is what you’re going for.


Thank you so much, Emily! I do feel like this name is a much better brand for me & one that is clearly identifiable as a food blog. So I’m really excited about the change!

The new name is da bomb. Didn’t mind the old one actually, but we have to move on if we no longer feel the love, eh? And frankly the new name is cuter. Not sure if that was the direction in which you were headed, but good luck with the transition!

I LOVE the new name! It is so cute and fun! The old one isn’t bad, but the new one is awesome!! I want to change my blog name, but have never really gone for it.

So excited for you! I’ve thought about doing the same (who the heck knows what ‘henry happened’ means??) I love the new name! Tho you did throw me for a loop when you left a comment at my site – I thought, who is this Veggies person, haha! 🙂

I love the new name, and definitely think it’s more fitting. You’re so great with blogging and have really established yourself- it’s almost as much of a reason for having DONE it than to have not done it.

I love the new name. Congrats on the jump. You have to be happy with your name or you’ll never enjoy blogging. You will build back up really quickly I’m sure!

Thank you! I’ve heard from other bloggers that it took them a few months to regain their search traffic, but it’ll all be worth it in the end, I think. I hope!

Well, unless people read my About page, they’d have no idea about the meaning of the name! It’s nice to have a name that doesn’t require explanation now. 😀

omv (LOL!)…i just changed one of my website’s name and design too…

i’m just glad you’re going to keep on sharing your awesome recipes and photos =)

I hope your transition goes well too! My traffic from search engines is tanking, but I knew that would happen. ;( Other than that, it’s been smoother than expected!

Thank you! I do have a new button that I made for my social media accounts & another one that I put on my business cards, so I’ll send them both & let you choose. 🙂 So far my Google traffic has been cut in half, and I think it’s only that much because they still have TTAH indexed for some things. 🙁

You got the old name because we had similar ideas behind the names of our blogs. 🙂 Except your name is better because it’s not sarcastic like TTAH was!

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