Hello 2014! And hello to a new Oh My Veggies!

By Kiersten | Last Updated: January 3, 2014


I’m back after taking a little time off—some planned (visiting family for Christmas!) and some unplanned (coming home with the flu!). I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season, full of cookies and candy canes and whatnot!

After 3 years of blogging by myself on Oh My Veggies, I’ve made the decision to bring on additional contributors this year. Exciting! I’m always asking myself, “How can I make Oh My Veggies more useful?” and I realized that adding different perspectives from different types of vegetarians was the best way to do this—I’ve always wanted Oh My Veggies to be a resource for vegetarian cooking in general, not just a blog about me and my food. And hey, now you’ll get recipes with feta and avocados and other things I don’t eat!

Starting next week, you’ll be seeing posts from a few new faces: Kare from Kitchen Treaty, Meg from Beard and Bonnet, and Julia from The Roasted Root. They all offer a unique take on vegetarian cooking. Kare cooks for a picky toddler and a husband who still eats meat, Meg makes gluten-free meals for her family, and Julia is a flexitarian who limits meat in her diet. McKel from Nutrition Stripped, a registered dietitian, will be popping in once a month to share nutrition-related posts too. (A lot of you have asked me to write more about nutrition, but I’m not a nutritionist nor do I play one on TV!) You can read more about them all here.

More Posts! New Features!

With the new contributors, we’ll be going from 4 posts a week to 6. (If you subscribe via email, I’m redoing my newsletter so you’ll now be getting 3 emails a week.) We’re adding an additional recipe post each week called Make It Meatless, where we’ll show you how to take a dish that’s normally meat-based and make it into something veg-friendly. I’m also going to be moving the Saturday Six, a round-up of user submissions to Potluck, over to Oh My Veggies too.

Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

What I Ate This Week is changing to a weekly meal plan. We’ll still be making recipes from other websites, photographing them, and writing about them, but now we’ll also include a printable meal plan and shopping list. So you’ll still be getting what you love about What I Ate This Week (tried-and-true recipes from other blogs and websites!), but with an added bonus–a readymade meal plan that you can print out and use!

Changes to Potluck

Because the contributors won’t be writing for Potluck anymore, this means that Potluck is changing too! It’s now easier to browse by category and member submissions are front-and-center. If you haven’t submitted to Potluck before, now is a great time to start! I’ll be featuring 6 member recipes a week in my Saturday Six posts.

But not everything is changing!

So many changes! But here’s what will stay the same: the recipes we post will still be tested and tested again. It’s important to me that when you make Oh My Veggies recipes at home, they turn out right for you. I’ll still be posting 3 times a week and I’ll still be around to answer your questions and reply to your comments.

Smoothie Week

But first: smoothies! We’re kicking off 2014 with Smoothie Week! Next week it’s all smoothies, all the time. We’ll be sharing some of our favorite healthy smoothie recipes, with photographs by Rikki Snyder.

I am super excited about all these changes and making Oh My Veggies an even better resource for all your vegetarian cooking needs this year!

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