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By Kiersten | Last Updated: December 24, 2011


I still can’t get over the fact that I’m gardening in December. In December! I was planning on starting my seeds for spring in late January, so it looks like gardening is going to be a year-round deal here. Or almost year-round. And this is a good thing, because I have lots and lots of seeds. And I just signed up for Cubit’s Organic Seed of the Month Club. I’m glad we’re adding a second garden bed next year–we’re going to need the extra space!

I’m still having issues with a lot of things not growing–the Brussels sprouts are stunted, the cabbage isn’t doing much, and I have no idea what happened with my beets, but they’re still the size of seedlings. My bok choy, also the size of seedlings, inexplicably started flowering. Teeny tiny bok choy! But instead of focusing on the failures, let’s focus on the positive:

Purple Cauliflower [12/7]Pretty purple cauliflower! This is right before I harvested it. Because cauliflower doesn’t have any secondary growth, after I harvested the head, I pulled out the entire plant. I’m hoping this means more sunlight and growth for the chard, which the cauliflower was hanging over.

Broccoli [12/07]And here’s the broccoli just before harvesting. Unlike cauliflower, broccoli does have secondary growth, so I left the plant and just took the head. I’m already getting a few smaller heads growing out of the sides of the plant.

Kale [12/7]I cut off most of the kale leaves for the Gluten-Free Stuffing with Kale, Caramelized Onions, and Mushrooms that I made on Thanksgiving, but you wouldn’t know it. They’ve grown back and then some. I’ve had so much success with kale this year that I’ve decided to grow three different kinds next year.

Strawberries [12/7]And the strawberries. The fruit has mysteriously disappeared (I’m guessing something ate it?), but it’s still flowering. I’m hoping this means that next year I’m going to get lots and lots of berries from these plants.

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I am so excited for your garden! I have been following your posts since you started them and I’m glad that you have so much growing now. I have found that some things grow well for some people and other things grow well for other people. We just have to find what works for us.

By the way, I was thinking about you as I picked off the strawberry this morning. We had snow and freezing today, and I figured I better get it. I want to plan the strawberries in the ground in the spring so that they can grow even more!

See, I’m so stubborn that I will probably keep trying to grow all those things that don’t work. 😉 I really want some beans and tomatoes next year!

So funny to think of strawberries in December. Did it taste good?! I hope whatever ate mine enjoyed them. 🙂

Hi Ohkeeka! I am so envious that you have a garden and can grow your own vegetables! Having a nice big sunny backyard is something I’ve been dreaming of. Your purple cauliflower is stunning! and the broccoli looks terrific! I do wonder if the seed club picks really easy / tolerant plant seeds to send out. After all, the weather condition is quite different from coast to coast.

Thank you! Before we had a yard, I had a plot in a community garden, but for some reason my little square didn’t do as well as everyone else’s. It’s nice to have it right in the backyard now, so I can keep an eye on everything.

I’m not sure how the seed club works with selecting seeds to send out–I’m sure you’re right and they send out the more tolerant plants. My first packet was lemon basil, which I’m sure will grow just about anywhere!

Everything looks great! I’m so jealous at how much your garden is thriving! We’re still getting tons of peppers even though it’s started getting super cold at night – shocking.

The kale looks great! Good job with your garden. I’m debating whether or not to do our little city planter this year on our front steps. The results were probably not worth the hassle since we get so little sun!

Outside! It’s still in the 50s/60s here (and it was 70 the other day!). 🙂 We’ve had some frost, but since these are all fall veggies (well, except for the strawberries), they seem to tolerate it pretty well.

Cubit’s is so awesome–I hope you get the seed of the month club subscription! I could spend a fortune on all the heirloom seeds they carry.

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