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By Kiersten | Last Updated: April 24, 2012

Herbfest Haul

Wake Forest HerbFest
I’ve been waiting all year for the Wake Forest HerbFest because that’s the kind of garden nerd I am. It’s basically a giant plant sale held in downtown Wake Forest. As you can probably guess, the focus of the sale is herbs, but they have heirloom veggies as well, which is a good thing because most of the seeds I started inside for the summer have died. (Sad!)

HerbFest HaulSo! I was determined to get to HerbFest bright and early because I was convinced that they would sell out of the plants I wanted if I didn’t get there right when it opened. Well, I really had nothing to fear because there were about five other people there–I guess most people aren’t so insane about herbs that they’d take time off of work for them, huh? I bought Roma tomatoes, a few pepper plants, and a huge tray of herbs. Chives! Sage! Mint! And even lemongrass and a curry plant. (Although I found out later that this plant just smells like curry–it’s not the plant used to make actual curry powder.) I tried to get everything I cook with, although as soon as I got back to the car, I thought of five other plants I should have grabbed too. But at least that will give me something to come back for next year.

Christmas Lima Bean SeedsIn other gardening news, I’ve planted the rest of my seeds! I did all the beans a week ago and this weekend, I started the cucumbers, squash (both winter and summer), and melons. I also replanted all of my tomato, eggplant, and pepper seeds in hopes of having some seedlings I can transplant later in the season.

Dwarf Bok Choy HarvestI got my first harvest of the spring–my dwarf bok choy. Y’all need to start growing this. It’s perfect for containers and it matures in about a month.

Lavender FlowerThe lavender has bloomed! I didn’t get too many flowers from it, so I’m not sure if I’m going to use it in food or in soap.

Container PeasThe snowpeas I planted in the garden are pretty much dead, but the peas I have inside the porch are doing well.

Strawberries - April 20If the ants and birds don’t eat them (a big if), we’re going to have lots of strawberries very soon! I’m kind of regretting buying yellow strawberries, though, because I don’t know how I’ll be able to tell when they’re ready to pick.

Grass in Raised BedDespite the weed barrier, I’m having a huge problem with grass growing in my new raised bed. Annoying!

Have you harvested any of your spring veggies yet? What are you planning on growing this summer?

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So jealous. We haven’t had our last frost yet (actually we’re in the 30’s right now) so no planting for us yet and I don’t think I’ll be doing more than herbs anyway since nothing else wants to grow despite my lack of trying. The strawberry plant is coming back up though but it’s never produced much anyway. This is the last year for them and if they’re tiny again this year, I’m yanking them and putting flowers in that pot.

I will send you some of my strawberries! I started mine from seed and read that it would be two years before it started producing, but it’s bearing fruit like crazy. I picked some yesterday & it was mushy and bland though–I’m hoping it’s just because it was waterlogged from all the rain we’ve been having. You should try growing greens–lettuce, arugula, kale, etc., do pretty well in containers!

Yes! I would take work off for something like that! I have a huge amount to transplant today, still to cold to put in the ground, I do have lettuce starting to grow though out back. I just got a huge review to do for an Heirloom Seed company that I am stoked to get started today! I am excited to hit the farmers market in MPLS when it start up to pick up some unusual herbs that are priced crazy cheap 🙂 Your pixs are beautiful!

We moved here from Wisconsin, so I remember very well waiting impatiently to start gardening in the spring. 🙂 I plant mostly heirlooms too–I can’t wait to read your review! It’s so much fun to grow things you can’t find at the grocery store.

It looks awesome!! I love the herbs you picked. I would like to have some more herbs but my garden is over-planted already I think. I have harvested a ton of kale and a couple of radishes but that’s about it 🙂

Yeah, I have no room for the herbs either–my husband is putting in an herb garden this weekend. 😉 Last year my kale did so well, but this spring it’s not!

Lavender is native to Texas and we have it growing all over our yard. You’ve inspired me to try cooking with it! We’ll see if I’m brave enough to attempt soap making.

I don’t know how you do it but you make even lima bean seeds look beautiful and artistic! We harvested some strawberries from our garden this year but cutworms were making holes in the rest of them and rendering them inedible. We have planted blackberry bushes, oregano, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and at least four varities of peppers

I love caramels topped with candied lavender, so I’m thinking about doing that. Or maybe I’ll make the candied lavender & then put it on top of cupcakes. Oh, and here’s a recipe for Almond Lavender Cake:

I bought a blackberry bush too! We were at the nursery & had to spend $50 to get $15 off, so I finally got Chris to cave and let me get one. We still haven’t planted it yet, though. Did you trellis yours? They’re supposed to spread like crazy, so I don’t know where to put it!

Neat! My mom uses the curry leaves in her Malaysian cooking. That’s funny about your yellow strawberries! One of our strawberry pots has promising growth, but looks like the other didn’t survive. 🙁 Guess I’ll be making a trip to the nursery too.

Now is the time to get strawberry plants, I think. They are selling them everywhere here! And a lot of the plants have big, ripe strawberries on them already!

WOW that was quite a sale. Wish I could have been there. I have got to get some chives. They are one of my favorites because they come back every year and spread too. I planted a rosemary plant and a dill plant in the ground (everything else is in containers) and something ate my dill plant.

They had a few different kinds of chives–garlic chives too! I didn’t get them, but I think I will next year. 🙂 I can’t believe something ate your dill. They always say that nothing will touch herbs!

LOL! I had a similar scenario at a free compost give away last weekend. I made Chris get up at 6am on Saturday to be all of 10 people that were waiting in line. 🙂

Plants look great! I just got my seeds from Cubits yesterday and plan to start a few seeds today. Yikes! I’m going to use your newspaper method and lots of prayers.

Ha! Maybe we’re a little too excited about gardening? 🙂 I hope your seeds get off to a better start than mine–I’m having issues this year. The spring plants were fine, but the summer ones that I started inside all died and I’m trying to restart them outside, and they’re not growing. Argh!

Oh my, that looks like heaven. We have a farmer’s market we go to and buy our herbs and veggies but I have another week or so before I can do that. We keep getting late frosts and I’m worried they’ll die.

This year we’re sticking with herbs, carrots and lots and lots of tomatoes.

Yeah, I jumped the gun a little bit and started planting things early because it was so warm out, and sure enough, we ended up getting a few frosts right around our last frost date. It’s probably better that you wait!

We’ve mostly been harvesting our tomatoes (the little patio ones ripen fast). We’ve had a few strawberries ripen, but usually the birds get to them first. I’m so excited because our jalapeno and bell peppers are starting to grow 🙂

I cannot believe you’re already getting tomatoes! I bought a transplant at the herb sale, but it’s nowhere near the point of having any fruit. I bet your peppers will do well in Florida–mine loved the heat here!

That dwarf bok choy is adorable! I wish we had a sale like this near me. I would be ALL OVER it. Is that a square foot garden you’re starting? I have a raised bed, too, but I’m too nervous to plant by the square foot. It just seems like so little space!

Yup, it’s a square foot. I did it last summer too and you’re right, some things do get a little crowded. Like you’re supposed to be able to grow 9 bean plants in a square–nope, doesn’t work. But other things, like peppers and eggplant, really work well.

I found a recipe for making candied lavender blooms, so I think I might try that today! A few more blooms came up, so I think I should have enough that I can dry some too.

I planted herbs a little over a month ago, and they had all sprouted by two weeks ago. But then last week, they all died. I saw a bug in one of them while I was watering them {like, an earwig bug. Yuck!} so I’m not sure if it was that or the heat {it’s been 99 here}. Either way, sad!

I’ve had that happen to seedlings too–they’ll be doing well and then I wake up one morning & they’re all eaten & there’s a caterpillar or slug sitting in one of the pots. Jerks! They always say that bugs leave herbs alone, but I don’t think that’s true!

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