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By Kiersten | Last Updated: August 28, 2012

Petit Gris de Rennes Melon [August 2012]

Tomato Flowers [August 2012]Have you noticed that I haven’t posted about my garden in a while? I decided to switch to doing my garden update posts once a month instead of once every two weeks. I felt like I wasn’t having much to say when I was posting more frequently. Oh hey, my tomato plant is flowering! And now it’s still flowering!

White Pattypan Squash [August 2012]Despite my kvetching last month, my garden has definitely fared much better this year than it did last summer. The biggest disappointment was the summer squash. Last year, the plants themselves thrived, but they didn’t give me any zucchini. This summer, I got a few white scallop squash, but that plant along with all the others quickly succumbed to vine borers. Next year I am determined to get more squash from the garden. Determined!

Red Poblano Pepper [August 2012]I continued to get long beans for the past month and a half. So many long beans! While the rest of my beans got eaten by every insect in the neighborhood, the long beans escaped pretty much unscathed. I got one poblano pepper, which I left to turn red on the vine, and a gazillion little finger eggplant.

Really Long Little Finger Eggplant [August 2012]I’m not sure what’s going on with these little finger eggplant, but I think maybe they’re actually Japanese eggplant? Because they’re definitely not little. It’s only one plant, though–all the other little finger eggplants are proper little fingers.

Last year I waited all summer for my one melon to ripen and then, cruelly, it exploded during Hurricane Irene. But this year I got two melons! Two!

Petit Gris de Rennes Melon [August 2012]This is the Petit Gris de Rennes melon. I actually had a second one ripen in the vine too, but it cracked open before I could get to it. Delicious!

Ichiiba Kouji Melon [August 2012]…but this melon was even better. In Japan, they sell lots of melon-flavored candy and their strong, almost perfume-y flavor was completely unrecognizable to me as melon. It’s like how grape Skittles do not resemble the flavor of actual grapes in any way, shape, or form. Anyway, after tasting this Ichiba Kouji melon, I finally know where that melon flavor in Japanese candy comes from. This is definitely the best melon I’ve ever tasted and I’ll be growing it again next summer.

August Garden UpdateAlthough I’m expecting to get a lot more tomatoes and eggplant, a few cucumbers and peppers, and even some rogue strawberries, the garden is definitely winding down for the season.

Holey Leaves [August 2012]A lot of the leaves are more hole than leaf.

Brown Leaves [August 2012]And the ones that aren’t full of holes are starting to get brown and crunchy.

Oh, and completely unrelated to vegetable gardening:

Clematis [August 2012]Clematis! I swear it’s been growing inches a day all summer long and I’ve been waiting for it to bloom. It’s a tangled mess of these delicate white flowers right now. I wish it bloomed like this year round.

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Your garden is AMAZING! I have tried and tried to grow a garden like yours but, if my black thumb doesn’t get to the veggies the bugs do. I did manage to grow 3 types of basil this season and I was so proud. Maybe next year I will add another tomato plant and see how I do. Can’t wait to see pics of the beets you are growing!

I definitely have bug issues too! In fact, every other time I tried to grow beets, they ended up being decimated by slugs. They also love my radishes and carrots!

I love your garden updates – I like to live vicariously 🙂 My garden currently consists of wild mint growing alongside my house and a basil plant that lives in the sink (I haven’t gotten around to planting it yet!). What are you going to do with the super cool eggplant?

I’m jealous of your mint! I have the saddest little mint plant. I thought that was supposed to grow like a weed?! I’ve been roasting the eggplant as a side a few days a week. I toss it with hoisin sauce, I drizzle them with olive oil and herbs, I add it to pasta. So much eggplant!

I love the look of those long eggplants – so pretty! I think the skinny kind taste better too. A few weeks ago I looked down to the garden, and my husband was down there with my shop-vac. I had to go and investigate – he was sucking up squash bugs by the 100s! He got ahead of them I think – we have tons of summer squash this year!

Ha! Okay, next year I have my solution for bugs in the garden. I’m taking my husband’s shop-vac out there. I’m sure the neighbors will stare, but if I get some summer squash out of it, it will be worth it!

Those eggplants are amazing! And that white scallop squash…how cool is that. Last year we tried pumpkins but only one tiny little guy grew and then ended up being eaten. Such a shame.

It’s so depressing when that happens! Something has been eating my tomatoes–I get so excited watching them ripen and then I go out to pick them and when I look at the other side, there’s a big bite in it. Sigh.

I love all the exotic varieties you’ve planted! The white scallop squash is beautiful, and I’ve never even heard of it. I also didn’t know poblanos could turn red. Wonder why they never let them ripen before selling them in the grocery store? I gave up on growing zucchini because I got tiny fruits that never matured, and I’m wondering if that’s the fate of my eggplant this year. On the plus side, tomato plants are doing great!

That’s what happened with my zucchini last year! They’d rot on the vine while they were still tiny. Every single one. Hopefully you’ll get lots of tomatoes (and eggplant!) before the summer ends. 🙂

My garden hasn’t been liking the heat either. I definitely didn’t get as much from it as I expected (hoped!), but I’m happy to have gotten anything at all!

I’ve given up on summer gardening. I just don’t have enough light. I even had my hubby take out some shrubs near the garden…no help.

We have the same clematis, it takes over our arbor every year and I spend the spring ripping it out. You can easily save seeds from it to share 🙂

Aw, but your garden looked like it was doing so well! 🙁

I bought a bigger arbor this year and the clematis quickly grew all over it and then a foot beyond. Guess I need another arbor!

That’s what happened with my Roma tomato plant! And the few tomatoes that did grow on that plant all ended up getting eaten by something. The rest of my plants got a late start, but I’m hoping I’ll get some tomatoes from them this month!

I’m am sooooo jealous ;). Everything looks so beautiful. One day I’ll try my hand at gardening again, and maybe I’ll succeed next time =).

I feel your pain! I added two gardens that were not in the raised beds. I decided to just let them take off and not do to much. I have gotten two watermelons and lots of big flowers that I am thinking deer eat. next year all Row Covers for sure. Not one pumpkin.. So annoyed 🙂

Yeah, I need row covers or something like that too! It always seems like as soon as I solve one problem, something else crops up. Like this year I didn’t have insane beetles all over everything, but instead I had vine borers. Boo. 🙁

I am so insanely jealous! I’ve never been able to grow anything, but the climate here doesn’t help. Over the winter I plan on reading up on growing in the desert so that I can grow something-ANYTHING-next year!

Me too. Every weekend it rains or it’s crazy hot out or we’re busy and I can never get the seeds in. I was looking at starters yesterday though and they were looking pretty sad, so I ended up not buying any…

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