Garden Update | Now I know why you start legumes outside…

By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 20, 2012


Edamame - March 20 …because they grow crazy fast. I was worried if I sowed my pea and edamame seeds directly in the ground, slugs or other insects would find a way to kill the newly sprouted seedlings. I thought starting them inside would be a good idea so that by the time I transplanted them, they’d be able to tolerate insect damage a little better. Last week we went to Illinois for a few days (and got back last night) and when we left, the edamame plants were about two inches high. And now they’re about a foot tall! I had no success growing edamame last summer, so I hope this means that I’ll get a big harvest this year.

New Raised Bed Before leaving for Illinois, my husband put together the second raised bed that I wanted to add this year. It was the last one left at Home Depot, so it was definitely meant to be. Because this bed gets more sun, I planted the hardened off cruciferous veggies in it. I figured that the greens would do okay in the shadier bed (although my eventual plan is to move both beds to the other side of the yard once we get a fence, where they’ll both get plenty of sun).

Cabbage - March 20 As I was cleaning out the existing bed to get ready for spring, I noticed that the cabbage from the fall (!) was finally starting to look like actual cabbage. I’m not sure why it took so long, but I decided to leave it, along with the other cabbage plant and the Brussels sprouts from last fall. Why is everything I grow so slooooow? Really, if you have any ideas, please let me know–that’s a serious question. Our last frost date is in mid-April and I’m concerned that my spring plants aren’t going to be ready to harvest by the time I have to plant the summer veggies.

Peas and Dwarf Bok Choy - March 20 I’m doing some container gardening in the porch again this spring too. On the left is a pot of peas and on the right is dwarf bok choy. I planted the bok choy in the garden bed and in a container last fall and the ones in the garden went to seed almost immediately, when the leaves were still about half an inch long–I think it’s better suited to growing in a container, at least for me.

What plants are you growing this spring? Do you grow anything in containers?

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I have garden envy. We’ve tried planting lettuce, peas, strawberries green beans, peppers, onions and they all laughed at me. So I’m sticking with what thrives, which are my herbs and I’ll just go to the farmers markets to support the local economy freggie wise. We have a great market that unfortunately doesn’t start until July and this one lady has the best zucchini, radishes and peppers ever for cheap. I love getting to know my local farmers since we just don’t have room for a garden in good light ourselves.

I love going to the farmers market too. The one here has all kinds of heirloom fruits and veggies that you can’t find anywhere else. Now I’m wishing it was summer already–darnit!

I think I’m done with the onions after this spring. They just don’t want to grow for me. Garlic has done well and bunching onions look like they’re okay, but regular onions and leeks grow to the size of a blade of grass and then just stop. I think it might be a light issue too, but we’re on a corner lot and I don’t want to move the garden to the side yard (where there’s more light) until we have a fence. Boo!

I only have a strawberry plant, a pepper plant and a bunch of herbs – and I grow them all in containers. My strawberry plant on produces 2 strawberries a year. LOL Probably because it’s in a container!

Oh wow, you’ve really got things growing there! Way to go. I think I’m gonna add a few containers this year and attempt some strawberries. We always pick a ton locally but I’d love to try growing them.

I started strawberries from seed last year and I’m hoping this year they’re finally ready to start growing some fruit! They are spreading like crazy so I kind of wish I had put them in their own container or SFG.

We got a bit carried away for beginning gardeners. For fruit, we did several blueberry bush varieties, some strawberries, and raspberries. We also transplanted a cocktail citrus tree that has 4 different grafts and a young Valencia Orange tree. For veggies, we have various peppers, onions, and shallots. The only herbs I have growing are chives and oregano and several mint varieties, but I need to add some more.

I have been bugging Chris about getting fruit trees. And then when the bugging about trees didn’t work, I moved on to bugging about bushes. 🙂 Your yard is huuuuge though, so it’s good that you’re taking advantage of it!

I think I’m giving up on onions after this year, but maybe I’ll try shallots. You’ll have to keep me updated on how they do!

Your garden looks great, I haven’t started yet, still too much frost danger here. I grow my tomatoes and peppers in self watering earthboxes (both homemade and store bought) and I get great results.

I finally decided to grow some herbs to kind of dip my toe in the water and just planted them in pots today! I planted parsley, cilantro, spearmint & oregano- let’s see if any of them sprout. 🙂

I really want to do some container gardening this year. I’ve seen some stuff about growing a ton of herbs in containers so I might do that and I think a container is the only way I’ll be able to grow citrus trees since they need to come inside in the heat of summer. We recently planted six blackberry bushes so I’m excited to see how those turn out. I was hoping for raspberries but blackberries will be heartier with our conditions.

I bought a container for the root veggies because slugs completely destroyed the ones I tried to grow in the SFG last year. Good luck with the blackberries and citrus trees–I am so jealous of the citrus! I still need to convince Chris on buying some fruit trees.

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