Garden Update: My Garden is Doing a Whole Lotta Nothing

By Kiersten | Last Updated: December 24, 2011



I really don’t know what’s up with my square foot garden. Nothing has grown in weeks. Instead, leaves are turning pink (PINK!), plants are getting eaten, and strange little gnats are taking over everything.

Holes in Swiss Chard Leaves
There are spots and holes in the chard leaves, but the weirdest thing is that little square of the garden smells funky. This is the same square that had the weird mushrooms sprout up after several days of rain. Coincidence? I don’t know. But I do know I’m a little bit leery of eating the chard.

Beets that won't grow
I planted dwarf bok choy, beets, radishes, and carrots from seed and they’ve all grown to a point and then stopped. Surely they should be bigger than this by now! I’m getting worried because soon the cold weather will set in and I’m not sure how much more they’ll grow once the temperatures start dipping. Even the seedlings I planted don’t seem to be doing much, so I’m thinking we might not get any veggies from the garden at all, apart from kale and lettuce.

I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer (even though I totally am a Debbie Downer), so let’s look at some of the positive square foot garden developments:

Little Strawberry on Plant
I have some strawberries growing! Oh sure, they’ll never mature in time for us to actually harvest any, but they’re growing! That’s kind of cool, right? Especially since I started them from seed and I heard that it takes 3 years to get any fruit from them.

Broccoli Rabe in Porch
The broccoli rabe that’s growing in the screened porch is doing quite well. It’s all rabe and no broccoli at this point, but if all we get are greens from it, that’s better than nothing. Perhaps I should do all of my gardening in the screened porch.

Mochi eating catmint
The catmint I planted in the perennial garden is thriving in the rocky, red clay soil. My cats are pretty happy with this, particularly Mochi. We’re looking into getting him into a treatment program soon. Catmint addiction is not a laughing matter. It’s serious, y’all!

Is your fall garden still going strong? Have you harvested anything yet?

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I’m going to need to do some research over the next few months to get ready for spring. Things started off so strong and then it all went downhill. I don’t know if it was the weather or something else! I’m sorry you’ve had problems with your garden–let’s hope next year is better. 🙂

OK, Mochi = ADORABLE! What a sweet kitty! We love cats, have 2 🙂 I have a container garden I’ve given up on. I was going to have Adam build beds on the side yard but given that I barely have time to tend to a few pots, the bed is a no-no. Ah well, I’ll find a good farmer’s market instead!

Thanks! He’s quite the character–he only has one eye and I think it’s given him a few psychological hang-ups. 😉 We have four cats–crazy, I know.

Maybe your way is better–Chris is always saying, “You know, it’s so much easier to just buy produce.” LOL! Usually my response is, “But it’s not as satisfying!” Lately, though, I’m more willing to concede defeat. You should try an Aerogarden!

I’ll research the Aerogarden but mainly, my main problem is lack of sun. We’re surrounded by too many trees and in the crook of the hilly land! So my poor container garden yielded pathetic results despite all my effort (it got 4-6 hours of sun a day, TOPS).

You know, I suspect that might be our problem too, especially now that the days are shorter. Since we don’t have a fence yet, I put the garden close to the house and I think it’s getting too much shade. You can’t grow much in the Aerogarden, but I’ve seen people who do tomatoes in it…

We have a small orchard, and we were loaded with apples this year–until the ground squirrels discovered them. We swear that a cottontail was the ringleader of this bunch of ground squirrels collaborating to get those apples. The cottontail would stay under our storage container while the squirrels would make constant runs back and forth to the orchard to collect the small green unripened apples this last summer. They seem to have been bringing the apples to the cottontail that lives under the container. We joked that they were in the black market selling our unripened apples. Those darn suckers stripped all of our trees this year. Besides no apples, there were no plums, no peaches, and no cherries.

Our garden isn’t looking too hot either. I was so hoping you’d have better luck gardening than I did. We should get a second crop of strawberries coming up soon though but that’ll only be a trickle and not enough to sustain us. It’s so disappointing!

I know, I don’t know what my garden’s deal is. Like, some of the stuff looks healthy, but it’s just not growing. I think I planted the brussels sprouts seedlings over a month ago and they haven’t grown an inch. Maybe we are just not meant to be gardeners. 🙂 At least you’ll get some strawberries though!

Most of our garden is dying now, with the cold weather, but our peppers are still coming! I picked one red one the other day is it was nice and sweet. So tasty!

Are you growing any fall veggies? I heard they’re supposed to be fine even after the first frost of the year. But with the way mine have been, I’m skeptical!

Our peppers lasted forever too. I finally pulled the plant because I didn’t think the wee bitty peppers would have enough time to grow.

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