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By Kiersten | Last Updated: February 26, 2012


RSS Feed
I’ve decided to switch my blog feed to excerpts. The last time I tried doing this, a bunch of people unsubscribed, so I know this isn’t a popular move. I know! And I’m sorry! The reason I’m doing it is to protect my blog from content scrapers–they look for content in full-text RSS feeds that match certain keywords and republish the posts on spammy websites. I’ve found my content on websites trying to sell herbal supplements, a website about roofing (!)–I really don’t want my content to help shady people make money.

Anyway, I know it’s annoying to have to click through to read an entire post when the whole point of subscribing to a feed is to get content delivered to your inbox or feed reader. I’ve decided that a good compromise would be to include the first image and a short excerpt of each post in my feed–that way, you can have a better idea about whether a post is something you want to click through and read or if it just doesn’t interest you.

If you’re a subscriber and you have strong feelings about this, please leave a comment or email me. I really do value your feedback and I don’t want another mass exodus of subscribers like the last time I tried doing excerpts.

Google Friend Connect

I know you’ve probably heard this from a million other blogs at this point, but now it’s my turn! I’m on WordPress, so if you’re subscribing to The Type A Housewife through Google Friend Connect, you’re going to have to find some other way to follow me by the end of the month. How can you follow me? Well, you can…

And someday I’ll stop procrastinating and join Google+ too. Someday!

Enter the Eco Natural Soap Giveaway!

The Eco Natural Soap Giveaway ends on Wednesday, so be sure to enter soon! Even though I’ve had it for a month now, I’m still amazed at how well the Chef’s Friend soap works–you totally want to win this one!

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Im definitely not a fan of the excerpt feeds! Any food blog that doesn’t show at least the first picture I tend to not read or look at. So I appreciate that you are at least leaving the first photo. It makes a difference. It would be cool if you made a mosaic first image for us for posts like what i ate this week. I may not be interested in the first item but the last…

I know–I subscribe to a ton of blogs and I know how those excerpts can disrupt your flow when you’re reading through your RSS feeds. For a long time, I thought people just did it for traffic which why I felt so against doing it on my own blog, but then I discovered that the full feeds make it really easy for spammers to take your content. I’m definitely including the first photo of each post and I’m working on figuring out a way to lengthen the excerpt so it’s at least a paragraph or so.

Anyway, I appreciate your feedback and I hope you’ll stay on as a subscriber!

thanks so much for asking feedback from your readers about the transition. i’m a fan of your blog but a bigger fan of full-text posts in RSS readers. it’s a make or break for me when it comes to subscribing to blogs (that is, if it’s not full view, i don’t subscribe).

good luck with the switch!

Thanks for your feedback. I completely understand where you’re coming from and I’m sorry to lose you as a reader. This decision has been really difficult for me and I am definitely weighing everyone’s feedback–if it’s overwhelmingly negative, I may switch back to full feed.

LOL…I do not have a clue what you are talking about, but I subscribe by e-mail. I don’t care if you have a first photo or not…I take the time to open ALL the blogs I subscribe to cause that is why I subscribe…cause I am interested! DUH!

Thank you! A lot of people just subscribe to blogs and never visit, so to them, the partial feed is a deal-breaker. I hate disappointing my readers, but I’m also tired of dealing with spammers stealing my content. There’s no good solution!

Yeah I wanted to make sure you saw that there are those of us who would click several times to get your content and not to let the boo birds get you down! Keep up the great work!

Thank you! Even though this is my blog, I still kind of think of it as a conversation and I feel like my readers are a big part of it. I hate disappointing people and this definitely hasn’t been a decision that I made lightly.

Seriously, people are too lazy or too busy to click a link?? I work two jobs, one very full-time, have a food blog, volunteer, etc. Your posts are an escape from all that. Do what works for you (and you’re in good company…lots of bloggers have been using excerpts for the exact same reason for a long time. Me, I have you on my blog roll so I see when you post something new and click over.

Thanks for the kind words. It’s nice to know not everyone will be ditching me since I’ve switched to partial feeds! I also juggle two jobs, writing a book, and maintaining this blog and I somehow find the time to visit the blogs I read too, partial feeds and all. 🙂

Another way to twart thieves and still keep your RSS feed whole is to use a plug-in called Headers and Footers – it lets you put a header and footer on your RSS feed with your URL – they can still steal it, but you’re alerted to it by your ping back on the link.

I also use a program that tells me what people are copying. It doesn’t tell me who, but I can then search for the text.

I hate thieves.

I do that with my feed now–that’s actually how I found out so much of my stuff was being scraped! Between the scrapers & the bloggers who take photos & recipes and republish them, I feel like I spend more time sending out DMCA takedown notices than I spend blogging. 🙁 So that’s why I decided to go to partial feed–at least that eliminates one source of stealing, even if I still have to police the people manually copying my stuff.

Is the program you’re using Copyscape? I’ve heard of bloggers setting up Google alerts for all of their post titles & I think I’m going to start doing that…

I don’t think I’ve ever unsubscribed from a blog that switches to partial feeds, and I definitely won’t be doing so with yours either! Keeping a picture in the feed will definitely help too – that way I can still look at every post and click over when I see one that interests me and I want to see the full recipe (and pretty much all of your posts interest me, so I’ll be clicking lots!)

Thank you! 🙂 I get why people find partial feeds annoying, but I would never unsubscribe from a blog I read because of it. I knew that I’d see a dip in subscribers after switching, but I think including a photo & using self-explanatory post titles is a pretty good compromise. Now I just need to figure out how to lengthen the excerpt!

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