Free Printable Freezer Labels For All Your Freezing Needs!

Free Printable Freezer Labels
Oh, I love my freezer! I will throw just about anything in there. Over the years, I’ve found that most things freeze well. Extra bread? Throw it in the freezer! Chipotle chiles leftover from a recipe? Freeze them! Cookies that I’m trying to keep myself from eating? In the freezer they go! (Until I discovered that frozen cookies are delicious.) And I’m always freezing meals for future consumption.

Cute Printable Freezer Labels
But sometimes when you freeze so many things, you forget what they are! Or what to do with them! Or even when they were frozen! The solution to this is freezer labels. Pretty labels! You know why? Because with pretty labels, you will want to use them.

So here are some free printable freezer labels. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Printable Freezer Labels for Plain Paper (cut them out with scissors)
Printable Freezer Labels for Avery Labels

Free Printable Freezer Labels from Oh My Veggies
A big, huge thank you to Anna from In Honor of Design for making these labels happen and Kaitlin Kostus for doing the amazing veggie and kitchen tool paintings for them.

(Yes, I know these labels are crazy awesome, but don’t upload them to your own blog or website. You’re welcome to link to them, but please link to this post, not directly to the PDF files. Thank you!)


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  1. Brenda Sitter says

    I am so excited to have these labels available. I couldn’t find anywhere what Avery product, label # I should use .. they have so many. Could you please let me know. Love your website and recipes! Thanks!

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