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Recipe Round-Ups

Making Your Resolutions Last: Recipes and Resources from Oh My Veggies

Cuban Fried Quinoa

It’s mid-January, so by this time, we’ve burned ourselves out on all the cleanses and detoxes and vows to never even look at a carb ever again. Those aren’t real resolutions! Now it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty and make some lifestyle changes that will stick. These four resolutions, from eating more veggies to cooking at home more often, are completely achievable in the long-term, especially with resources and recipe ideas from Oh My Veggies to get you started.

Eat More Vegetables

Chili Garlic Green Beans Recipe
Is this ever not a good idea? Most of us can stand to do a little bit better in the veggie eating department — it was one of the 5 simple ways to be healthier in the New Year that Katie wrote about last week. Here are some ideas to get you started on this goal:

Transition Into Vegetarianism

Veggie Pad Thai
Judging by your comments and by a reader survey we did a while back, most of you aren’t strict vegetarians, but you’re looking to cut back on the amount of meat you eat. Maybe this year, you’re looking to take the plunge into cutting meat out of your diet entirely. We can help!

Eat More Protein

Cuban Fried Quinoa
Why more protein? And how much should you eat? We’ve got a whole post with questions and answers about protein and vegetarian diets. A lot of people wonder about how vegetarians get enough protein, but the good news is, there are lots of meatless sources of protein out there — but you do have to be mindful that you’re eating at least some of them daily! Here’s how:

Eat at Home More Often

Peanut Udon Noodles with Snow Peas Recipe
When you cook your own meals, you know what’s in your food and you have the added bonus of saving money. So why wouldn’t you cook at home? Well, there’s the time factor — no one wants to spend hours cooking after work! And maybe you’re not the most confident cook yet and you want to find recipes that are easy to make, without a lot of steps or ingredients. Here are some ideas:

  • Meal planning is probably the best way to keep yourself in check when it comes to cooking at home — if you have all the ingredients for a recipe sitting in the fridge, you can’t let them go to waste! If you don’t want to commit to a paid meal planning service, we post free vegetarian meal plans every Friday.
  • If you have a slow cooker, take it out and use it! And if you don’t have one, you might want to invest in one. A slow cooker will let you throw in all the ingredients for dinner in the morning and come home to a warm meal. We have round-ups of vegetarian slow cooker recipes and slow cooker soups, stews and chills.
  • One of our favorite kitchen time-savers is freezer cooking. We’ve got a whole ebook of vegetarian freezer cooking recipes! This Roasted Vegetable Baked Manicotti freezes beautifully too — in fact, almost any casserole or soup will do well in the freezer.
  • If you don’t want to dedicate time to freezer cooking, think about freezing your leftovers or doubling recipes and freezing half for later. You’re already cooking anyway, right? Double up on these Broccoli Parmesan Meatballs and have them on hand for your next Spaghetti Night, or freeze the leftovers of these Veggie & Tempeh Sloppy Joes for when you’re too tired to cook.
  • If you don’t have room in the freezer, try some make-ahead meals — you’ll assemble them in advance, pop them in the fridge and cook them later. Here are 20 make-ahead meatless dinners.
  • Have components of meals on hand to make dinnertime easier. Homemade tomato sauce, vegetable broth, cooked beans and caramelized onions can all be stored in the freezer for when you need them. We also have lists of pantry items and kitchen staples that make vegetarian cooking easier.
  • One-pot recipes are a big time-saver when it comes to clean-up. Try one of these 20 one-skillet and one-pot vegetarian dinners or make one of our reader favorites, One-Pot Pasta Primavera.
  • Go through your favorite magazines and blogs and save recipes that take less than 30 minutes. Here are 50 quick and easy meatless dinners to get you started. Recipes like these Black Bean & Veggie Baked Tostadas and Peanut Udon Noodles are quick to make and can be easily customized with any veggies you have on hand.
  • Related to that last point — look for recipes with 5 ingredients or less! Yes, they do exist and fewer ingredients means shorter prep time and less time spent in the grocery store. Last year we posted a month-long list of 5-ingredient vegetarian dinners.
  • Or hey, don’t cook at all! That’s an option too. We also have a list of 20 no-cook vegetarian meals for those times when you just don’t want to turn on the oven. It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

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