Oh Yeah, I Totally Quit My Juice Cleanse

By Kiersten | Last Updated: May 9, 2017

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You were probably expecting a triumphant post today about how amazing my juice cleanse was, but here I am writing about quitting. Because I am a quitting quitter who quits.

I quit the juice cleanse.

Which, honestly, kind of killed me a little bit. That cleanse was a lot of money. And aside from that, quitting felt like admitting defeat. This was especially difficult for me when it seems like everyone else feels crazy amazing on a juice fast. Chris had the whole mental clarity, glowing aura of health thing going on and couldn’t stop talking about how much energy he had, how great he felt, how he could wrestle a grizzly bear. And I just had an aura of “I spent the whole morning hunched over the toilet puking.” (Because I did spend the whole morning hunched over the toilet puking.) At first, I wanted to soldier on. Then I thought: really? Am I really thinking about sticking with this? When it’s making me physically ill?

So then I ate some saltines. And later, a falafel wrap. Because at that point, the thought of eating fruit or vegetables made me want to throw up even more.

I mean, I expected headaches. Hunger, I could deal with. But throwing up? Not so much. I am not a good thrower-upper. And juice that doesn’t taste so good going down tastes even worse the second time around.

A lot of people say that when you get sick on a cleanse, it’s your body releasing toxins. (I didn’t really do the cleanse to release toxins–I’m not sure I believe that’s a thing that happens, but I do believe that getting an insane amount of nutrients in juices for a few days can be beneficial.) But I eat pretty clean to begin with, so I really don’t understand how my husband, who eats much more junk food than I do, could be feeling invincible, and I’d feel like jumping out of the window to end my misery. Especially after just coming off a 3-day raw cleanse that I felt fabulous on. I figured that, after a day and a half, I had given the 3-day juice cleanse a fair try, and since I felt progressively worse the whole time, it was time to throw in the towel. Something about those juices just did not agree with me–as soon as I’d start to feel a little bit better, I’d have another juice and feel terrible again.

I feel really disappointed. I was hoping for all those wonderful things people say happen to them during their juice cleanses–glowing skin, cleared sinuses, renewed energy. And instead I got crazy, ridiculously sick. Am I weak? Probably. But also, I think these cleanses just don’t work for everyone. And they clearly don’t work for me. There seems to be a lot of pressure that, once you’ve started a cleanse, you should stick with it and see it through; if you don’t, it’s some kind of moral failing. No, it’s not! Listen to your body, always. I know that by posting this, I’m going to attract a lot of drive-by commenters telling me my body must be super toxic, that I didn’t give this a fair chance, that I suck at life, and really, you can have at it; my experience is my experience and I stand by it.

So I’m sorry this post isn’t super motivational. I guess I’m kind of being a bit of a downer today, huh? I’m not saying you shouldn’t do a juice cleanse–my husband did well on it and so many other people have too. But know that it’s not all sunshine and lollipops before you start, and maybe try a single day before you commit to three. Despite all this, I still got some positive takeaways from the whole raw food and juice cleanse thing:

  • I really enjoyed raw food and I felt good eating it. I’m planning on eating more raw desserts, eating sprouted nuts and seeds as snacks, and skipping the frozen convenience lunches (even if they’re low cal and/or healthy!) for fresh fruits and veggies. I have spent so long focusing on eating less, when what I really should be focusing on is eating more–eating more nutrient-dense foods, rather than eating less calories.
  • I wondered if maybe, after doing this cleanse, I would want to make a dramatic change in my diet. I don’t. A moderate approach is definitely the best for me, although, like I said, I will be replacing at least some of my weekend brownies and cupcakes with healthier raw desserts.
  • Since I know everyone’s wondering, I did lose 5 pounds. Of course, throwing up your food (or juice) will do that to you. I gained back a pound and a half when I started eating again.

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My Husband and I – the whole family actually – are vegan. We watched Joe’s “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” end of 2011 for the first time and did our first juice fast. We vent from pork roast on Sunday night to juice on Monday morning. It has been a very very long journey since then.
My husband did 90 days the first time around and I did 21 we both felt great.
We all went vegan after this and never looked back now good 4 years later we decided a juice fast would do us some good, so off we go again.
My husband is on day 53 now and looking radiant and I decided to join him just yesterday.
So this time mind you we are talking – clean vegan diet to juice fast (homemade juice, slow juicer the whole thing) anyhow.
I had a nightmare of an experience. I got so week and dizzy at one point I kind of lost track of where I was and even who I was. Then I started getting sick and spent about 8 hours over the toilet.
“Good thing” – I lost 6 lbs in just one day this must be some sort of record – so here is what I think.
Just thinking about a juice makes me gag right now and I am not going back – had some oats this morning and they are staying down so far.
Maybe just maybe it is different every time, for me it worked before and it is working right now for my husband. I guess I will be trying again at some point.
For now I have a score of 1 amazing time versus 1 horror trip which translates to a 50/50 chance that is not a NO in my book.

I am on day 4 of a juice fast, and feel like throwing up all day today. Was good yesterday, not sure what happened but googled it and found your story.

I had the exact same experience. I am so glad to read this. I felt like such a failure as my husband is loving it. He said I just have more toxins in my body. Which maybe I do, maybe I don’t. I don’t care. I was feeling great eating healthy and excercising. This cleanse knocked me out! I will maybe try again at some point. Purely, out if pride.

I am on day 9 of a juice cleanse. I’m waking up at 4am every morning. And having had a drink, I have just vomited it all straight up after having it. I have a severe problem with dental toxicity. I cant get them removed so I’m using a juice fast in the hope of improving the function of the organs of elimination to better excrete the dental toxins (like the liver) with a juice fast. I have previously done juice fasts without vomiting problems.

I bought my first slow juicer this weekend. I made a juice of mango, pineapple, carrot, acv, ginger, and lemon. After drinking it I immediately had flu-like symptoms. I had a cough and body aches for like 3 days. I will try again with a mostly veggie-based juice when Im feeling better. But yea, I can definitely understand your disappointment.

Don’t feel bad about quitting. I did the same yesterday. Made Just one half glass green vegetable juice for a week. Felt really off with severe stomach activity but thankfully so much better already. It may work for some but I’m not putting my body through such trauma again.

Reading these comments and experiences are horrifying… guys, you’re literally throwing up because your body is starving. It’s not getting rid of toxins. And treating your body poorly, isn’t good for it. You will be mjuch better off eating clean and keeping hydrated, not overloading your body with sugary fruit juices.

THIS. I have several close friends who are Registered Dietitians and they regularly complain about how bad juice diets/cleanses/detoxes are for your body. The human body already does a pretty damn good job detoxing it self naturally, juicing removes good stuff in fruits/veggies, it’s not a sustainable way to lose weight/keep weight off… and it’s crazy expensive! Sheesh.

I love everything about this post. It’s so authentic and, I think, actually true for a lot of people. I’ve never particularly been a fan of juice cleansing so I appreciate seeing a post other than “the juice cleanse is going great, I feel amazing, you should try this product!”
I definitely agree that everyone is different and you should listen to your body, that’s such an important thing to remember when thinking about a cleanse.

A hin of what happens. I am after bariatric surgery and my husband thought juices could replace the crazy amount of vitamins that a bari post op needs to take. Well, it became obvious that concentrated vitamins comes also with concentrated sugar. All sugar eventually becomes glucose and no sugar is good in concentrated amounts. For some, that means energy boost. For others that means wacky blood sugar swings. For me it meant nausea, heat flashes and, yes, vomiting. Most people say that without the juices, they on’t feel it. The reason is your body is adjusting to normal sugar levels.

Thank you for this post! I am writing this from my bed where it’s almost midnight on my 1st and last day of a 3 day juice cleanse. I was doing well until my 5th juice when my headache that I’ve had all day started becoming so bad I needed to take something. I took acetaminophen even though I usually take aspirin free excedrin because I didn’t want caffeine to ruin my detox. An hour later I practically projectile vomited my last juice. I continued to vomit and dry heave and my headache reached the point where I thought it was going to split open. Now 6 hours later my headache is at a dull pain and I’m eating crackers. I also usually eat pretty clean but I must admit that I’m coming off a couple days of lots of wine and more bread products than I usually eat. Perhaps that’s it? I tend to also get stomach aches and very rarely eat sugar…I eat minimal amounts of fruit only once a day in my morning green smoothies so perhaps my stomach just can’t handle the excessive acid and sugar. Whatever the case – juice cleansing is not for me and I’m happy to read I’m not the only one!

I feel a juice cleanse will affect you depending on your state of nutrition when starting the cleanse. So my theory is if you start a juice diet from a high processed/ sugar filled diet you will feel better while juicing however if you already eat a relatively clean/ high vegetable unprocessed diet you will feel worse. Juicing removes the fibre and isn’t actually all that healthy.

I’m so glad I found your blog. I just bought an expensive 3-day juice cleanse and after the first juice, i already started feeling bloated. Then I started feeling gassy and by the end of my last juice, I developed flu like symptoms (sore throats and chills and nausea). I finished it off with some vomiting and at that point, I decided to quit. It’s 12:30am now and I wish I never decided to partake in this cleanse. I am now having a healthy little piece of avocado toast to put something in my body that is truly good for you. Sure the drinks are filled with natural sugars and laxatives, but my body is not having it. The cleanse is not made for everyone and it certainly wasn’t made for me. I’d rather stick to eating healthy and exercising!

Great information…thanks for sharing. You are definitely not a failure and I felt so sick the first day of juicing as well – sweats, shakes, nausea. I ended having a half cup of coffee with almond milk because I had not had my coffee that morning and I always do. I say, taper off at first and then full throttle it after a couple of days of tapering off the “bad” food. I was surprised to read that you had just completed a raw food bout though and you still had these symptoms. Again, thanks for sharing and God Bless!

Thank you so much for writing this. It comes as a relief to hear other people have experienced what I have over the last 10 hours. I was halfway through a 3 day cleanse and after the first 18 hours, headache hit. So I took a nap, but woke up to feeling ten times worse-and yes, diahorrea, vomiting, cold sweats and shaking. Such an awful experience and so disappointing..I was hoping it would be so different after seeing Fat, Sick and Nearky Dead, and reading all about other people’s enlightening experiences on the internet. I can’t ever outmy body or my mind through this agony again though, and I am relieved to hear I’m not alone. Thank you x

Thank you for this! I’m having an awful reaction to a juice cleanse – nausea, chills, stomach pain… I’m fairly certain I can’t handle the concentrated sugar. I’ve never liked juice and am a smoothie person, but I had surgery last month and after all the medicine etc it felt like a cleanse would be the right thing. Wrong! Your post made me feel less like a failure and more like a person for whom this just isn’t working!

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