20 Delicious Ways to Use Tempeh

By Kiersten | Last Updated: January 24, 2017

20 Delicious Ways to Use Tempeh
When it comes to vegetarian sources of protein, tempeh is tofu’s hippie cousin. You know the cousin who shows up to every family function wearing Birkenstocks and waxes rhapsodic about the year he spent following Phish around the country? Yeah, like that. Tempeh is made from fermented soy beans and it packs in 31 grams of protein per cup, so it’s a great addition to any vegetarian diet–but it can be a little bit intimidating at first if you haven’t cooked with it before. These 20 delicious ways to use tempeh will help give you some ideas!

BBQ Tempeh Sandwiches

Slathered in barbecue sauce, tempeh makes an easy substitute for meat in BBQ sandwiches.

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