Our Favorite Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

By Kiersten | Last Updated: November 15, 2016

Our Favorite Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes
I’m not really a sappy person, but something about Thanksgiving brings out my sentimental side. Gratitude! Family! Traditions! So many other holidays are now over-shadowed by consumerism, obligatory greeting cards, and massive amounts of candy, but Thanksgiving is still about sharing a meal with loved ones and taking time to be grateful for what you have. These vegetarian entrees for thanksgiving only make it more special.

In the spirit of gathering together and sharing food, I asked all of our contributors to share a favorite vegetarian entrees for thanksgiving from their blogs. I’d also love to see your favorite vegetarian entrees for thanksgiving too — share a link in the comments below and tell us about it. It’ll be like a virtual Thanksgiving potluck! Looking for vegan Thanksgiving recipes? We’ve got those too.

Green Beans with Red Onion, Pistachios & Herbs

This year we are ditching the traditional green bean casserole for my green beans with red onion, pistachio, and herbs instead. Besides freeing up the oven for other dishes, these green beans taste better and are better for you! For easy meal prep blanch the green beans a day in advance and then warm them right before you make the topping on Thanksgiving Day! - Meg

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