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Best Vegetarian Dishes at Cheesecake Factory You Should Definitely Try

best vegetarian dishes at Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory is one of the most famous restaurant chains. Over the years, it has spread to more than 200 locations all over the world and it keeps one of the most comprehensive menus out there. The restaurant chain caters to everybody’s taste with its wide selection of animal-based, vegetarian, and vegan dishes.

If you are a vegetarian visiting the Cheesecake Factory, you won’t leave hungry. The vegetarian dishes at the Cheesecake Factory stand out from the others because of their nutritional properties and beautiful presentation.

Here are some of the best vegetarian dishes at Cheesecake Factory that you shouldn’t miss on your next visit.

Steamed Edamame

To be perfectly honest, steamed edamame is not exactly a dish. It is more of an appetizer to stimulate your taste buds before a more substantial vegetarian meal. You can order the steamed edamame as a starter while waiting for a veggie burger or one of the tasty vegetarian salads.

Steamed edamame is a great thing to munch on all you want because it is full of fiber, plant protein, and a bunch of other nutrients. What’s more, you can share this appetizer with your friends.

Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta

When it comes to more substantial vegetarian meals from the Cheesecake Factory’s menu, Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta is one of the best. This pasta dish is customizable depending on your specific vegetarian preference. The pasta comes without butter, of course, but you may keep the parmesan if you are a cheese-eating vegetarian.

Although the identity of the titular Evelyn remains a mystery, it is obvious why this pasta is among the best vegetarian dishes at Cheesecake Factory. It is packed with artichoke, roasted eggplant, oven-dried tomatoes, and zucchini. This pasta uses garlic, pine nut pesto, and Kalamata olives to top off the unique combination of tastes.

Beets with Goat Cheese

The goat cheese is optional in this excellent plate of vegetarian goodies. If you are a vegetarian who steers clear from dairy products, just make sure to tell your waiter. Either way, this perfect summer dish packs a healthy dose of tasty vegetarian nutrients.

Every bite provides your mouth with an explosion of flavors and textures. In addition to beets, this healthy plate includes baby arugula, fresh apples, pecans, and just a drizzle of vinaigrette on top.

Fresh Asparagus

The fresh asparagus is another appetizer—or to be more precise a side dish—that you should definitely try. The fresh asparagus that comes from the Cheesecake Factory’s kitchen is as tempting as a portion of French fries.

This healthy fresh treat comes tender and perfectly crisp with a distinct crunch. Consider the fresh asparagus an excellent complement to the famous veggie burger or some of the mushroom-based vegetarian dishes.

French Fries

Just the mention of French fries triggers mouth-watering thoughts in the minds of most vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters. French fries might be considered one of the best vegetarian dishes at Cheesecake Factory or any other restaurant. The Cheesecake Factory serves French fry portions that have a picture-perfect light gold color with a taste to match.

Each portion is fried to perfection, but you need to inform the waiter that you want a vegetarian or vegan serving. This way, you avoid any contamination from animal-based dishes that might have been in the fryer. The French fries pair well with the Cheesecake Factory’s veggie burger, or you can just dip them in one of the vegetarian condiments the restaurant offers.

Fire-Roasted Fresh Artichoke

A plate of fire-roasted artichoke is truly a dish to marvel at. It is presented as an appealing piece of contemporary culinary art with a unique, rich taste, unlike most vegetarian dishes. Each artichoke gets a completely new look and flavor because it is roasted over an open flame.

This side dish usually comes with a garlic dip and some butter, but you can ditch the butter altogether and enjoy just the appealing artichoke taste. Artichokes are packed with dietary fiber and antioxidants that provide you with all the healthy nutrients you need.

Kale and Quinoa Salad

If you are into vegetarian superfoods and super dishes, you shouldn’t miss the kale and quinoa salad. Kale is the ingredient that gives this salad that extra healthy punch of nutrients. It contains a decent amount of vitamins, fiber, and even proteins—all the things you need to keep you going throughout the day.

However, the salad’s healthy ingredients don’t stop at kale. This salad also contains quinoa, sunflower seeds, and red bell peppers with grapes on top. The lemon vinaigrette perfectly rounds off the mix of these various ingredients, giving the salad a special zesty touch.

Fresh Vegetable Salad

As a vegetarian, you can hardly go wrong with a simple fresh vegetable salad. However, this dish is anything but simple, and it’s originality has earned it a place on the list of best vegetarian dishes at the Cheesecake Factory. This fresh vegetable salad is another dish that keeps your spirits high with its splash of colors, nutrients, & textures.

The fresh vegetable salad includes a palatable combination of apples, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, and asparagus. The special taste of this salad comes from the romaine base and a dash of radicchio. The salad usually comes with cheddar cheese, but you can ask for it to be removed if you aren’t a dairy-eating vegetarian.

Veggie Burger

The veggie burger is the cream of the crop among the best vegetarian dishes at the Cheesecake Factory. This burger can come with mayo and cheese according to your vegetarian preferences, but even without them, the burger is every bit as tasty. Some locations may prepare the burger with an egg, so you should state your preference when you place your order.

Beyond dairy, the burger is full of tasty vegetarian ingredients like brown rice, mushrooms, farro, and black beans. If you want to go one step further, you can get the veggie burger in a lettuce bun as a super healthy replacement for the regular bun.


This list includes only some of the best vegetarian dishes at Cheesecake Factory. With more than 250 items on the menu, there are many more great dishes you can try. And if you like some of their non-vegetarian dishes, you can always ask the restaurant to make those dishes vegetarian for you.

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