20 Delicious Salads for Fall

By Oh My Veggies | Last Updated: November 10, 2015

20 Delicious Salads for Fall
Sure, classic comfort foods make a welcome reappearance this time of year, but we think that the true stars of the table are these gorgeous jewel-toned numbers. Made with the finest produce of the season — think rich roasted butternut squash, ruby pomegranate seeds and emerald-green kale, just for starters — these 20 Delicious Salads for Fall have us forgetting that macaroni and cheese even exists. Well … almost.

Kale and Delicata Salad with Citrus-Maple Vinaigrette

The colors of this salad mimic fall trees at their peak, making it a gorgeous choice for the Thanksgiving table. And a tasty one, too, with massaged kale, roasted delicata and pomegranate in a orange maple dressing.

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Heather, pomegranates are super easy to release from their pods. Look it up on google. The wooden spoon method really works.

I’m obsessed with all your round-ups. And thank goodness for this one, because I tend to get a little lazy about salad consumption in the fall and winter because “there’s just no fresh or local produce!” Thanks for reminding me of all the fall veggies and fruits that are salad-worthy!


Thanks so much for doing the hard work so I can feed my family delicious, healthy meals. You are so very much appreciated, my dear!

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