20 Healthier Homemade Candy Recipes + DIY Candy Bar Tutorial Video

20 Healthier Homemade Candy Recipes
Even if you’re normally pretty good at resisting sweets, October will definitely mess with you. There’s the buildup to Halloween (candy everywhere!), then for two months it’s a barrage of leftover Halloween candy (so much candy! And it’s on sale!), Thanksgiving pies, holiday stress eating, family gatherings full of sugary treats, office cookie trays, and who knows what else. You can try to put a ban on candy, but chances are you’ll just feel deprived (and will probably be more likely to succumb to the siren song of the fun-size candy bars).

To ease you into High Chocolate Season the healthier way, we’ve rounded up 20 better-for-you homemade candy recipes that will still make you feel like you’re treating yo’self—without putting yo’self in a sugar coma every time you do.

DIY Candy Bar Tutorial

If you want to make your own gorgeous, gift-able candy bars with dried fruit and nuts, check out this easy video tutorial from PopSugar:

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Crazy Delicious Dairy-Free Chocolate Fudge

Dairy-free fudge? It sounds crazy, but it's real. And it's delicious!


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