20 Secret Ingredient Cauliflower Recipes

By Kare Raye | Last Updated: March 4, 2014

20 Secret Ingredient Cauliflower Recipes
You know the old saying … if life gives you cauliflower, make pizza crust.

What, that’s not a saying?! Well, I propose right here and now that it should be.

We all know cauliflower is a pretty great vegetable, sure. But do you know just how versatile it is? Did you know you can take a head of the stuff and make, yes, a pizza crust? Or a lightened-up version of mashed potatoes? How about hummus? Rice?! Popcorn! Buffalo wings!!

This incredible cruciferous vegetable isn’t only low in carbohydrates (perfect for those eating lower-carb diets), it’s utterly packed with nutrients. So the fact that you can transform it into a myriad of other things–usually as as substitute for something that would have been far more calorie-dense–it’s a very good thing.

Here are 20 brilliant cauliflower recipes from around the web that touch upon the infinite possibilities for this one remarkable vegetable.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Spicy cauliflower "wings" dipped in cool ranch sauce? Yes, please. McKel at Nutrition Stripped shares this recipe for game day or any day.

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I love your beautiful website. So pretty and so delicious.

I had a question about blogging etiquette. When you do a round-up like this, do you have to ask all the authors individually for permission to use their recipes/photos or is it simply OK to give credit to them. Thanks so much!

Hi Ruta! Thank you for the nice words! In round-ups such as these, we do make sure it’s okay with individual bloggers before including their photos, and we link directly to the recipe on their blogs.

This post is amazing, Kare! I seriously eat at least a head of cauliflower every week (it’s bad…real, real bad…ohhhhh but it’s so good!), and am ALWAYS interested in trying out new cauliflower recipes! Thanks so much for the excellent roundup! I’m drooling. And thanks for including my cauli rice burrito bowls, woop woop!! 🙂

When I started my cauli-research, I was floored by the sheer creativity! So much you can do with one miraculous veggie. 🙂 Your burrito bowls are GORGEOUS!

What great ideas for cauliflower! I never would’ve thought of making cauliflower into a pizza crust – I think this would be a great way to serve healthy pizza to my kids too! Thanks for the great round up 🙂


That’s a good point. My toddler is super picky but will eat most anything if it’s got crispy parts. I think I’m going to have to see how she does with cauliflower pizza crust or breadsticks sometime soon!

Cauliflower really is the new kale! So many great ideas here. Thanks for sharing.
Top of my list is the smoked paprika popcorn cauliflower.

I cannot wait to make that buffalo cauliflower dip. The ONE thing I semi miss about being a meat eater are chicken wings! I have yet to give into any cravings…buuuut now that there is a cauliflower version I will be making these ASAP! I’m so excited!

Perfect timing! I’ve been developing a cauliflower obsession and now I have a list to work from. Thank you. =) I just made the pizza, it was so good that the guys at work were forced to look at it and hear ALL about it. So good! I did flip the crust halfway through and then broiled each side for a few minutes. That, plus mixing the cheese with half parmesan made it an eat with your hands, fold it half, New York kinda slice.

Thank you for the steady stream of great recipes and ideas!

Hi Alicia, thank you! Delicious Probiotic Drinks was written by fellow Oh My Veggies contributor Julia Mueller. You can find out more/get contact info by visiting her blog, Such a great book!

OMG! I just started wheat belly lifestyle and broke up with my beloved “potato” 🙁 and found mashed cauliflower 🙂 I could eat it everyday!!…however had no idea it could be turned into pizza crust!!!!! Okay I think I love you guys!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to try it and the other recipes mentioned here!!! My husband actually found this blog!! ha ha!! Thank you…Thank you….Thank you!!!!

I hope you like it! The cauliflower pizza crust is really good – it doesn’t taste exactly like pizza crust, obviously, but I love it. Just wish it was as easy as buying a crust from the grocery store. 😉

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