This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 04.14.14

By Meg van der Kruik | Last Updated: April 12, 2014

Sweet Potato Burgers from What's Gaby Cooking

I have always loved perusing the internet for new food sites to swoon over and knowing that I have this meal plan to work on each month has made the hunt even more fun for me. Besides flavor, I look for ease of preparation, diversity of ingredients, and color when I am hunting recipes to share. Who wants to eat a week’s worth of brown meals? Not this girl! This week’s meal plan is by far my best yet. Lots of fun flavors and bright colors, from some of my favorite meal inspiration spots on the internet. Let’s dig in!


Asparagus & Leek Frittata from Tasty YummiesAsparagus & Leek Frittata from Tasty Yummies // Every week the most beautiful farm fresh eggs are delivered straight to my door so I’m always looking for new recipes to showcase them. As soon as I saw this fritatta, I knew it was destined for my dinner table. Asparagus and leeks are a match made in heaven and when you add Fontina and Parmesan cheese into the mix, well that takes this frittata from being delicious to downright decadent. I always reserve a heaping 1/4 cup of the cooked veggies from the pan before adding the eggs and add them back on top with fresh herbs like basil and parsley after the fritatta comes out of the oven. It’s not a must do, I just like the way it looks on the dinner table.


Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Toasts by Aida MollenkampTomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Toasts from Aida Mollenkamp // Let me start by saying that this soup is going to blow your mind! Fresh squeezed orange juice and cinnamon set this soup apart from the rest. Since we are on a gluten-free diet I used gluten-free sandwich bread for my grilled cheese toasts.


Sweet Potato Burgers from What's Gaby CookingSweet Potato Burgers from What’s Gaby Cooking // Just looking at this picture makes me wish I had another one of these sweet potato burgers! I pulsed crispy brown rice cereal a few times in the food processor as a gluten-free substitute for the panko–if you eat a gluten-free diet too, you’ll want to add crispy brown rice cereal to the shopping list if your grocery store doesn’t sell gluten-free panko. Serve these burgers with a side salad and your favorite chips.


Vegan Paella from Beard and BonnetVegan Paella from Beard and Bonnet // This paella is constantly popping up on the dinner table at our house. I am almost always substituting the ingredients for what I have on hand at the time, but this particular version has artichokes, poblano peppers, fire roasted tomatoes, and onions all topped off with chopped olives and parsley. This recipe makes enough to feed my family of four for dinner and leaves plenty for both Todd and I to have leftover paella for lunch the next day.


Lemon Gremolata Pizza with Cauliflower Crust by Oh My VeggiesLemon Gremolata Pizza from Oh My Veggies with Cauliflower Pizza Crust from Your Lighter Side // I must admit I was a little skeptical of lemons on pizza, but man was this good! I am a huge fan of cauliflower pizza crust because I can sneak more veggies into my kids’ dinners. I served this pizza with salad.

Tips for This Week’s Plan

  • I added a bagged salad mix and salad dressing to the shopping list. A light salad rounds out the veggie burger and pizza dinners.
  • Good news: the tomato soup freezes and reheats beautifully! So if you have leftovers, know that you can pop them in the freezer for later. (Or maybe you’ll want to double the recipe!)
  • I shared my tips for making the perfect fritatta on Potluck last year. If this is your first frittata rodeo, you might want to check it out!
  • Leftover paella makes a great stuffing for bell peppers.
  • Saffron threads aren’t available at every grocery store and they can be a little pricey too! Feel free to leave them out of the paella–no worries, it will still be tasty.

Vegetarian Meal Plan & Shopping List - 04.14.14 Click here for a printable version of this week’s meatless meal plan and shopping list, then click on the links above to print out each recipe. Now you’re set for the week!

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Ha! Yes cauliflower pizza crust blew my mind too. I didn’t know about the lemons at first, but I assure you it is AMAZING:)

I’m so excited about a second week of “OhMyVeggies” meal planning! As I perused the grocery list, I wondered about the quantities of certain ingredients. So, I had to check all the recipes to see whether I had enough of certain items already on hand. It might be helpful, if the amounts required were included in the grocery list. For example, the tomato paste: I still have some from a recipe for the past week, of which I only used two tablespoons, so do not need to buy another whole can if a recipe calls for less than the amount remaining. What do you think, Kiersten? 🙂

I’m sorry…to whom should I be addressing my comments? Kiersten, or Meg? I looked down below and saw Kiersten’s name, but above, it says, Meg.

Julie, I do too!!! This soup quickly rose up to become one of my most requested dinners. I love having a few batches in the freezer ready for when I don’t really feel like cooking a whole meal. Did I mention that it smells AMAZING when it is cooking?!

I so look forward to these meal plans every week! They’re so inspiring. And I just happened to make that tomato soup a few weeks ago. The OJ and cinnamon were so fun.

Joanne I am so glad that you liked the soup too! Aida really knocked it out of the park with the special additions in the soup.

Wow, that food looks delicious!

What equipment do you use to take the photos of your food :)?

I’m also big on meal planning, it helps my wife and I stay on track…we’ve recently gone gluten free and realized that having a plan is the only way to be successful.

Thanks for your post:)

Thanks so much Sean! I am so glad that you find the meal plans helpful:) If you ever have any gluten free substitution questions I am happy to help. I use a Cannon EOS 60D for my photographs.

Please don’t ever stop putting these meals plans together! You’ve made my life so much easier, and my family can’t stop raving about the food we’ve been eating. As an added bonus, my grocery bill has also dropped significantly. Love it!

I’ve been following this plan so far this week and the tomato soup tonight was incredible!

I only bought one 14oz can of diced tomatoes but I had a can of “chili ready diced tomatoes” in my cupboard so I used that too. My food processor was broken so I couldn’t blend the soup but it didn’t matter because it tasted SOOOOOOO amazing! I actually liked the chunkiness of the soup. I will DEFINITELY be making this again <3

Michelle, that is SO awesome! I am glad you really liked the soup and now I don’t know why I have never tried it chunky. Now I know what must happen next week at my house;)

Oh my goodness! The asparagus frittata and braised potatoes were awesome on Tuesday evening! Last night one of my daughters made dinner, so the tomato soup and sweet potato burgers will be prepared this evening. I do have a question, just to make sure, about the sweet potato burger recipe: When it says “1 [1/2] cup of Panko crumbs”, that means ONE CUP PLUS ONE-HALF CUP OF CRUMBS, right? Not, one (half-cup)?

Thanks! Hope you can respond before I begin making these in a few hours. 🙂 If not…I’ll just try a half-cup at a time and see how it “feels”.

Have a lovely day!

Woo ladies, so sorry! I have been in and out of town all week celebrating the holiday. I am so glad Kiersten could help you and yes it is 1 & 1/2 cups:)

Hey Jackie, I just emailed the recipe to you. So sorry for the frustration of B&B being down, but I am really glad you left a comment here so we could get the recipe to you. Hopefully my host will have it back up and running soon!

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