20 Vegetarian Thai Recipes

20 Vegetarian Thai Recipes
A lot of Thai dishes seem like they’d be vegetarian-friendly, but the liberal use of fish sauce means that for strict vegetarians, Thai menus can be difficult to navigate. Luckily, if you don’t mind cooking at home, there’s an abundance of vegetarian Thai recipes available online that you can make yourself. Hooray! We’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite authentic and totally-not-authentic Thai dishes below.

Thai Panang Vegetable Curry

Panang curry--for those who can't decide between curry and peanut sauce. We love this meatless version from Eats Well With Others!


Being vegetarian myself, I have noticed that it is hard to find a menu that has all of my dietary requirements. I am so glad that there are so many Thai food options for vegetarians. Getting involved helps spread vegetarian options to other restaurants for sure.

Thai foods are always attractive to people who actually loves to eat fresh and bit of spicy foods. They got lots of variety of fried items. They steak is different than American. I myself love to try authentic Thai.

We are planning a group trip to Thailand. We have a few vegetarian members. The agent arranging the trip has sent and revised the veg menu for the trip 6 times, still no good. I’m gonna send this page link to them, hope they’d know more about veg Thai food. Thanks a lot.

There are actually quite a few vegetarian brands of curry paste available these days. I usually use Maesri – they have a panang curry paste. 🙂

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