Roasted Butternut Squash and Kale Salad with Orange Sage Dressing

What I Ate This Week | A Week of One-Dish Dinners

One-dish meals are the best meals. Who has time to eat a protein and two sides separately? No one! That’s for chumps! Throw it all in a bowl. You’re a busy person. Here’s what I ate this week: Vegetarian Tikka Masala from Eating Well // I’ve never had Tikka Masala, vegetarian or otherwise, so I… 

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Thai Peanut Spaghetti Squash Veggie Bowl

What I Ate This Week | More Spaghetti Squash–This Time with Peanut Sauce!

Usually when I don’t have a lot of dinner ideas in my What I Ate This Week post, it means I spent most of the week working on recipes for the blog. This is one of those weeks. But if you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas, you’re in luck today! Here’s what I… 

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Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

What I Ate This Week | Buffalo Cauliflower Bites Are Your New Favorite Snack

Yes, that is a bold statement I put in the title of this post. I’m kind of bossing you around, right? But if you make them, you’ll understand. Here’s what I ate this week: Buffalo Cauliflower Bites & Ranch Dip from Nutrition Stripped // These are so good, I can’t even. They’re spicy and the… 

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Kalamata Olive & Herb Socca with Roasted Vegetables

What I Ate This Week | Simple, Delicious, and Healthy Meals

Yes, that’s what I ate this week: food that was simple, delicious, and healthy. I’ve been feeling off-balance and rundown lately, so I tried to put together a week of meals that would make me feel better. Fruit! Veggies! Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothies! I don’t know about you, but anything involving Mint Chocolate Chip always… 

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Charred Cauliflower with Clementines & Olives

What I Ate This Week | Cauliflower & Kalamata Olives, Two Ways!

This post really should be called What I Ate This Week & A Half because some of these meals are from last week. And then this week I was so sick that I didn’t eat much at all. Which was amazing for my diet! I know I’m really sick when my husband asks, “I’m going… 

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Green Mexican Chocolate Smoothie

What I Ate This Week | Quinoa Mac & Cheese, Green Mexican Chocolate Smoothies & My Crazy Week

I always find myself telling people, “This week has been crazy.” It’s true to a degree, but also a slight exaggeration. Is it really crazy? No. Just busy. But holy heck, this week has been crazy. For real! Chris was on a business trip this week and the second day he was gone, I suspected… 

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