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Piri Piri Pit-Za from Bold Flavored Vegan Cooking

Piri Piri Pit-Za

I generally have a hard time following recipes. I guess that’s why I got into creating my own! Generally though, when I set out to follow a recipe from a cookbook or a blog or a friend, I find myself compelled to turn up the spice. I like my food packed with flavor, and that includes all kind of flavor, be it sweet, savory, or hot.

That’s why I was immediately intrigued by Bold Flavored Vegan Cooking by Celine Steen. This book doesn’t hold back on the seasonings, and the resultant dishes are absolutely delicious and perfect for those of us who like our food to have a little kick.

The book is divided into chapters devoted to savory, spicy, and sweet flavors, but in a way the dishes defy categorization. The sweet and spicy dishes might back a hint of savory (try the miso caramel or the Korean-style soft tacos), or the savory dishes might have a little more heat than normal (like the Asian-inspired fondue), but what’s really cool about each of the recipes is how the flavors work together to create some serious deliciousness.

Piri Piri Pit-Za

The piri piri pit-za is from the spicy chapter (of course I went for a dish from that one!). But the piri piri sauce also packs sweet and smoky flavors thanks to red bell peppers, smoked paprika, and sugar plum tomatoes, while the creamy cashew sauce gets some extra umami from miso paste. The pizzas were absolutely delicious and pretty darn easy to throw together, with pita bread working out great as an easy premade personal pizza crust. I’m pretty excited about working my way through this entire book.

You can buy Bold Flavored Vegan Cooking on Amazon.

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    September 11, 2017 at 9:07 pm

    This looks delicious!, I made a similar variation using a tortilla wrap.

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