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Meal Plans

Meal Plan: Rainbow Salad, Roasted Broccoli and Lemon Pasta & More

Roasted Broccoli and Lemon Pasta Recipe

Our weekly vegetarian meal plans are 5-day menus that serve a family of 4 — or less if you don’t mind leftovers! Click on each of the meal links below to get printable recipes.

Here’s this week’s meatless meal plan:


Rainbow Salad in a Jar with Guacahummus

Rainbow Salad with Avocado Hummus // The mason jar for this hearty salad is optional; the avocado hummus however, is not. This recipe makes 1 serving as a main dish, so be sure to increase as needed.


Vegan Black Bean Enchiladas with Roasted Red Pepper Cashew Cream

Black Bean Enchiladas with Roasted Red Pepper Cashew Cream // These smoky, creamy enchiladas are vegan, and easily made gluten free if you use corn tortillas.



Cauliflower Hummus Burgers with Mint Tzatziki // These oven-baked veggie burgers are topped with a tangy yogurt-mint sauce. Look for store-bought when shopping if you don’t feel like making the sauce from scratch.


Roasted Broccoli and Lemon Pasta Recipe

Roasted Broccoli and Lemon Pasta // Roasting the broccoli and lemons adds a nice depth to a classic pasta combo.


Freezer-Friendly Greens & Tofu Scramble Wraps Recipe

Greens and Tofu Scramble Wraps // Breakfast for dinner is even more fun when there’s a burrito-like element involved. This is scientifically proven.

Tips for This Week’s Plan

  • You could use leftover red pepper cashew cream instead of tzatziki on Wednesday’s burgers
  • Buy a sturdier green (like kale) for Friday’s wraps (or pick some up later in the week) to ensure they stay fresh
  • Pack an extra Rainbow Salad for lunch on Tuesday
  • The Tofu Scramble Wraps are freezer-friendly, so make them earlier in the week, then freeze and reheat on Friday, if you want to save time later in the week
  • Buy parmesan if you don’t want to make the almond parmesan that tops the pasta
  • If you have extra shredded veggies from Monday’s salads, top Tuesday’s enchiladas with them, or serve them as a salad alongside the burgers or pasta

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    Jennifer @ Delicious Everyday
    July 10, 2015 at 10:40 pm

    Great meatless meal plan, as always! I’m particularly excited for the Roasted Broccoli and Lemon Pasta. I probably won’t be waiting until Thursday, lol!

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