A Metalhead Squirrel Shows You How to Make a Burrito

By Kiersten | Last Updated: September 5, 2014

How to Make a Burrito

How to Make a BurritoIllustrations by Kaitlin Kostus

Knowing how to make a burrito is one of those life skills that everyone should know. Like balancing a checkbook! Or making a bed! It took me a while to nail the technique–filling it was easy, but when it came to folding everything up, I always ended up with a flat, sad burrito that would unfold itself as soon as I picked it up. This was no bueno. But just like anything else, all you need is a little practice, and you too can make epic burritos at home.

How to Make a Burrito

Heat the TortillaSecret #1: Heat your tortillas! You’ll start with a large tortilla–the largest size you can find–and heat it in a skillet until it’s warm. A warm tortilla is a pliable tortilla, which means it won’t tear when you fold or roll it.

Burrito IngredientsNow decide what you’re going to put in your burrito. Most use rice, but you can use any grain (or even cauliflower rice!) you like. I usually make mine with brown rice, sautéed veggies, black beans, salsa, and cheese.

Fill BurritoPlace the toppings on the warm tortilla. Make sure to distribute them evenly so you get a little bit of everything in each bite.

Wrapping BurritoThis is the hard part! Fold the sides over onto the middle of the burrito. Then fold the bottom side up and roll up towards the other end of the burrito until your burrito is completely rolled up. Roll as tightly as you can–if you don’t roll tightly, you’ll end up with a flat burrito with loose filling instead of a round, compact burrito. But here’s secret #2: if your burrito is a hot mess, unroll it, scoop the filling back to the center, and try rolling it again. As long as the tortilla is still warm, feel free to take a do-over.

Finished Burrito
Ta-da! Your burrito is finished! Grab yourself some chips and salsa and enjoy your epic veggie burrito.

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A metalhead squirrel!! I love it lol. He sure knows his burritos too (I never thought to put rice or any grain in my burritos…I am such a burrito n00b :/ )

I’m pretty sure I have never folded a burrito in an efficient way IN MY LIFE. Thank goodness there are metalhead squirrels in this world to teach us how to do these things.

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