20 No-Cook Vegetarian Meals for Hot Summer Days

By Julia Mueller | Last Updated: June 10, 2014

20 No-Cook Vegetarian Meals for Hot Summer Days
Once the summer heat hits, who wants to spend a bunch of time hovering around the stove? Not us! For this reason, we love no-cook vegetarian meals that are satisfying, easy to throw together at a moment’s notice, and healthy to boot. Why use the oven when you can enjoy meals in the raw?

From bountiful bean salads to vegetable “noodle” entrees to wholesome raw tacos, here are 20 no-cook vegetarian recipes and ideas to help you keep your cool all summer long.

Banh Mi Lettuce Wraps

Innovative raw coconut "meat," curried cashew cream, pickled carrots, and crunchy radishes spice up these beautiful Bahn Mi lettuce wraps from Beard and Bonnet. Stove, schmove!

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Oh yes, raw meals are where its at during the hot weather months! I used to live in a similar situation, and I’d literally be sweating bullets while roasting vegetables in the oven. It only took me a few attempts to realize I’d be eating in the raw for the remainder of the summer 🙂

I’m glad you like the recipes, Christy! The strawberry-mango salsa is definitely a delicious one! Let us know if you give ‘er a go!

THANK YOU! I really needed no-cook ideas, since we live in the top floor of an old Tudor townhouse in very humid NYC!

Oh sister, I’m going to need to go visit you this summer and hide away from the heat! We can enjoy a lovely crisp salad…and a hearty bowl of soup 😉

I enjoyed putting this round-up together – it was so nice to gape at all the drool-worthy healthful recipes. You’re welcome, Maria – thank you for an amazing sando!

I love this round-up! I’ve been having smoothies for dinner every night because cooking in a hot summer kitchen is not fun! These recipes looks so fun and flavorful – thank you for putting this together! Yum!

Get ye some solid food, my dear! 😉 Honestly, I’m tempted to drink smoothies for dinner when it’s extra toasty out, too, but I always love a good crisp meal to sink my teeth into. Let us know which recipes you try, Grace!

I’m excited about trying all of them too! Your smashed avo wrap looks delicious – can’t wait to whip ‘er up!!

We must be on the very same page, because I’m thinking leaving everything as raw as can be and tossing it together is what my summer’s looking like 😀

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