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The Best Sorrel Drink Recipe

Agua fresca recipes
Agua fresca recipes


If you’ve never had sorrel before, (more commonly known as hibiscus), it’s definitely time to try it! Rumored to have numerous health benefits and rich nutrient content, there’s no wonder that its tart and tangy leaves have found their way into many types of cuisine. We’ve searched high and low to find our favorite recipes – and ended up with a list of tasty sorrel drinks! From refreshing summer spritzers to hot teas for the coldest winter or rainiest summer nights, you’re sure to find something that suits you from among our recent finds. (Please note: Do enjoy your lovely sorrel drinks with moderation in mind, whether you serve them with alcohol or not; some say the oxalic acid in sorrel can be toxic in large amounts) Check it out, here is the best sorrel drink recipe for every occasion.

Sorrel Iced Tea

This one only needs four ingredients (and one is water!) and approximately three hours to steep. When it finally gets to be a deep red color, you know it’s time to serve! Use your prettiest glasses with a few ice cubes in each.

Caribbean Spiced Sorrel

This may be the best sorrel drink recipe of all. Frequently enjoyed in Caribbean culture, especially around the Christmas holidays, you’ll find this type of beverage on the islands by the pitchers full! This recipe uses star anise, whole allspice seeds and fresh ginger to pack its punch. Sweeten it up to taste with your favorite sweetener (some of the islanders recommend stevia – or even skipping the sweetener altogether)

Trinidadian Sorrel Drink

This dark version calls for cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and whole cloves to make a rich sorrel concentrate. Add water to it in a 3:1 ratio for best results – and again, sweeten it up to your personal preferences. Some enjoy it with a shot of rum as well.

Lemony Green Smoothie with Sorrel and Strawberries

Here’s one for a summer afternoon at the picnic table. Fresh strawberries and a peeled avocado make this one smooth and fruity – a treat for even your most health-conscious guests!

Hot or Cold Sorrel Drink

This one is made Caribbean-style again, but also adds a little fresh orange peel and coconut sugar syrup to the mix. Serve it up hot or cold, alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Hibiscus Shandy

This recipe incorporates beer into the blend (this one used specifically Belgian Ale, but you can substitute your favorite), and makes a very large batch for your next big barbecue. Make sure you have some nice glasses, plenty of ice cubes and fresh fruit slices or other types of garnish for serving.

Zobo Tonic

Also the best sorrel drink recipe, this healthy drink is made by the creator of New Nigerian Cuisine, who recommends only the cleanest of flowers and the most natural sweeteners for this refreshing elixir.

Frozen Sorrel (or ‘Zobo’) Pops

If you have enough of the drink mix left over, why not make popsicles out of your favorite sorrel drink (or just make some into ice cubes)? These dark red beauties are sure to be a hit out on the patio this summer. These can get messy when they start to melt, though, so be sure to serve them with plenty of napkins – or maybe poolside when everyone’s already in their swimsuits!

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