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Best Vegetarian Restaurants – San Antonio

best vegetarian restaurants San Antonio

Are you worried about eating vegan or vegetarian in San Antonio? While the city is best known for its barbecues and old-fashioned steakhouses, there are plenty of other food options available. San Antonio has a steadily growing selection of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and bars, serving anything from traditional Tex-Mex cuisine to trendy freshly pressed juices and shakes.

Discover the 12 Best Vegetarian Restaurants – San Antonio, Texas

Here’s a brief selection of some of the best vegetarian restaurants San Antonio has to offer. Even if you’re already familiar with San Antonio’s vegetarian dining scene, this list may lead you someplace new.

1. Viva Vegeria

If you’re into Tex-Mex cuisine, San Antonio is the perfect city for you. For a vegan, gluten-free Tex-Mex dining experience, try Viva Vegeria on Nochalitos Street. They offer an extensive selection of nachos, taquitos, and hot wings. After you’ve eaten, you can opt for a cool glass of kombucha or agua fresca. There is also an affordable and flavorful selection of vegan, gluten-free tamales that you can order by the dozen.

2. Green Vegetarian Cuisine

Craving homemade comfort food? Green Vegetarian Cuisine is a warm, welcoming establishment with an old-fashioned vibe. They have a location at The Pearl Brewery and another one at Alon Market.

Green Vegetarian’s menu features a number of Texan trademark dishes with a vegetarian twist. For example, you can check out their fried pickles with portobello steak or try the cauliflower hot wings. If you want to get adventurous, try the Chicken Fried Chick-N (no chickens were harmed in the making of this dish).

3. Bok Choy

Fans of Asian Fusion cuisine can also try Bok Choy on Broadway Street. Here, the founders of Green Vegetarian decided to focus on plant-based East Asian dishes, including crispy noodles, Kung Pao eggplant, and pad Thai with house-made peanut sauce and bean sprouts. It’s important to note that Bok Choy is closed on Saturdays.

4. Boba Tea Drinks and Vegetarian Restaurant

Featuring all-vegetarian, traditional Vietnamese dishes, Boba Tea Garden is located on Culebra Road. This restaurant is the perfect choice if you’re in the mood for chow mein, wonton noodle soup, or various broken rice dishes.

However, the main attraction is the boba tea you can order, which comes with a wide selection of flavors. This Taiwanese beverage has been unceasingly popular since the eighties. Boba Tea Garden lets you choose your own toppings, including tapioca pearl, brown sugar jelly, and strawberry burster. If boba tea isn’t to your taste, the restaurant also offers smoothies and other beverages.

5. La Botanica

Whether you’re looking for a good meal or a delicious vegan cocktail, visiting La Botanica is always worthwhile. This eatery combines Tex-Mex food and drink traditions with Mexican, New Mexican, and Gulf Coast cuisine. Their black bean empanadas are especially popular.

If the weather allows it, try and get a seat on La Botanica’s patio. The view is breathtaking and you can go explore their wrap-around yard. Many of the vegetables and herbs used by this cantina are grown there. The La Botanica gardens are a popular location for artistic and charity events, as well as various classes and workshops. You can find La Botanica on N. St. Mary’s Strip.

6. Hip Peaz Vegan Eats

Hip Peaz is a cheerful and welcoming restaurant located on Wetmore Road. This is an excellent option for vegans and vegetarians looking for something new. For example, you can order ksogood, which is a vegan version of queso in a jar. You can also explore the restaurant’s experimental dishes, such as the soon-to-be-released smoked jalapeno sausage.

At the same time, this restaurant offers a selection of traditional vegan delicacies from all around the world. If beautiful presentation is important to you, you’ll love the creativity that Hip Peaz invests in everything from their sushi to their desserts.

7. The Cove

If you’re a music enthusiast, choose The Cove and get both dinner and a show. This restaurant is located on W Cypress. It features a lineup of up-and-coming local bands, as well as established performers from a variety of genres.

Even though The Cove’s menu isn’t exclusively vegetarian, everything they serve is organic, local, and sustainably produced. You can try their vegan tacos, their jackfruit burger, or the kale avocado spinach salad. There are also delicious starters you can snack on while you watch the performances.

8. Señor Veggie

Located in a historical part of Southtown, Señor Veggie is one of the best vegetarian restaurants San Antonio has to offer. Evoking the taste and mood of neighborhood potlucks, Señor Veggie offers a varied selection of Mexican-inspired vegetarian sandwiches, plates, and bowls. If you like to start your meal with a filling soup, try the watermelon gazpacho.

9. Thai Vegan

If you have a craving for Thai food, look for Thai Vegan on Huebner Road. This restaurant is a great choice for families, as well as special events of any kind.

The menu is varied, featuring different types of stir-fried vegetables, tofu and soy chicken satay, steamed dumplings in curry sauce, and many other delicious dishes. There’s also an interesting selection of beverages, including chrysanthemum tea and hot and cold ginger. For dessert, why not treat yourself to sweet rice with mango or banana taro?

10. Lorraine’s Bakery

For breakfast, brunch, or a simple daytime meal, consider Lorraine’s Bakery at the Pearl. Lorraine’s offers delicious veggie quiche and a selection of salads, but it’s the desserts that make it stand out.

Lorraine’s Parisian macarons are extremely popular and come with a rotating selection of flavors. In addition to the muffins, cookies, and sourdough pastries, Lorraine’s offers a selection of beverages that includes Mexican Coke—a popular feature in San Antonio restaurants.

11. Moshe’s Golden Falafel

Spearheaded by famous chef Andrew Weissman, Moshe’s Golden Falafel is a kosher restaurant that offers something for everyone. Located in Olmos Park, Moshe’s offers a variety of Israeli dishes, as well as other staples of Middle Eastern cuisine. You can opt for various salads, pitas, or rich homemade desserts, but the main attractions at Moshe’s are the falafel and the vegetarian-friendly fillings you can choose yourself.

12. Pavani Express

Pavani Express is an Indian diner located on Evers Road. It has practical, minimalist furnishings and uses plastic plates. However, the quality of their vegetarian dishes makes up for the simple décor and presentation. Their plant-based masala dosa is particularly well-known and there are various soups and sauces you don’t want to miss out on.

A Final Word

This is just a short list of some of the best vegetarian restaurants San Antonio has to offer. There are many more vegetarian and vegan diners, bars, and upscale hangouts to discover. Alamo City always has something new to offer to visitors and residents alike.

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