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Best Vegetarian Restaurants – Denver

best vegetarian restaurants Denver

Denver may be known for its game meat and deep fried Rocky Mountain oysters, but its culinary culture has a lot more to offer. There is also a strong Mexican culinary influence, which has sparked a minor revolution in terms of food diversity.

If beef or game is not your thing, you should check out some of the best vegetarian restaurants Denver offers and give their delicious alternatives a try.

Root Down

The menu at Root Down is one of the most varied you are likely to see. Not only does the place have specific listings for brunch, dinner, and dessert, but it also has a special section for kids. Making the young ones eat their veggies isn’t always easy, but a country fried tofu at Root Down might be just the meal for your picky kid.

There’s a nice balance between fresh and raw selections and traditional deep fried meals. You’ll find vegetarian soups like the carrot and Thai red curry, or you can order some spicy veggie burger sliders.

Beet Box Denver

Is it a bakery? Is it a restaurant? It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that Beet Box Denver is an awesome vegetarian food joint. If you can get past its menu and the fact that it only sells pastry, sandwiches, and dessert, you can easily call it one of the best vegetarian restaurants Denver has to offer.

Tofu, pickles, roasted mushrooms, beets, cashew cream cheese – these are just some of the amazing ingredients you’ll see in the sandwiches. Better yet, all sandwiches are accompanied by a salad of your choice, which makes the meal even more satisfying.

Pho 95 Noodle House

This Vietnamese restaurant caters to all tastes and dietary restrictions. Although it has a wide selection of meat-based meals, its menu also has what’s known around Denver as the best vegetarian pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) in the city. Just make sure to specify you want the vegetable broth with your veggies, rice, and tofu.

Pho 95 also has a wide assortment of salads, appetizers, and main courses which are meat-free and packed with Asian flavors.

Vital Root

Unlike most other vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the city, Vital Root doesn’t work on Mondays. Be that as it may, it doesn’t stop it from being regarded as one of the best vegetarian restaurants Denver offers to tourists and residents. The restaurant has an extensive menu which includes lunch and dinner options like soups, salads, stir fry dishes, and more.

They also offer a wide selection for brunch, as well as their Grab & Go feature. You’re also welcome to tell the staff your specific dietary restrictions so that each meal is perfectly constructed to your taste. If you like eating true vegetarian fusion food in a warm setting, you will surely love this place.

True Food Kitchen

You may already be familiar with True Food Kitchen as it has quite a few locations across the US. Its menu is quite varied, especially when it comes to vegetarian options. There are starters like kale guacamole, Asian salads, teriyaki quinoa bowls, grilled artichoke pizzas, and a whole lot more.

This is truly one of the city’s best vegetarian restaurants. Denver natives and tourists appreciate the taste and presentation, as well as the variety of dishes. Each vegetarian and vegan dish is carefully highlighted on the menu so you won’t make any mistakes when ordering.

City O’ City

City O’ City is a funky little restaurant with plenty of vegetarian options. Unlike other restaurants on this list, this one offers a lot of deep fried delicious treats that meet vegetarian requirements.

Browsing through their menu, you’ll notice a lot of tempeh and tofu inspired dishes with Asian, Mexican, and Mediterranean finishing touches. You can also order some amazing sandwiches, as well as vegetarian sunflower seed and walnut burgers. It’s a great place to eat if you would like to try signature dishes from a variety of international cuisines while in Denver.

Radha Govinda’s

Radha Govinda’s is one of the best vegetarian restaurants Denver prides itself on. This spot is actually the revamped Govinda’s Garden Café, which was Denver’s original restaurant with a 100% plant-based menu.

The menu is modernized and offers more variety than before. If you visit on a Thursday, you’re in for a Mexican treat with fajita veggies, green chile enchiladas, Mexican bean stew, and lots more goodies.

You can visit Radha Govinda’s every day you’re in Denver and enjoy something different. If you’re not into Mexican food, try going in on a Friday night to enjoy the restaurant’s immensely popular pineapple teriyaki kebab with sprouted tofu or Asian-style noodles with seasonal veggies.


It’s not often that you will come across a vegetarian bar. Sputnik is a very busy place throughout the entire week. The location operates as a bar and as a restaurant that doesn’t have a lot of traditional bar food. Instead, this eclectic joint offers more vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

You can feast on rice bowls or Israeli falafel while enjoying the perks of a full espresso bar and free Wi-Fi. Overall, their vegan menu is very healthy. And don’t worry, you can still bring your meat-eating friends too, because there are some non-vegetarian selections on the menu.

Watercourse Foods

Vegetarian and vegan dishes aren’t always so different, which is why Watercourse Foods also made this list. It is Denver’s original vegan restaurant that has kept a vegan menu since it opened in 1998. Watercourse Foods makes everything from fresh ingredients. Not only that, but they also recycle almost everything.

One of the hot ticket items on the menu is the teriyaki bowl which has steamed broccoli, a home-made teriyaki sauce, brown rice, and delicious crispy seitan. Just browsing through their menu is enough to make your mouth water.

Final Word

Despite the fact that not a lot of people know about Denver’s vegetarian and vegan food culture, the city has excellent spots, some of which have been running with these menus since the 1990s. If you’re looking for a crash course in vegetarian fusion dishes, be sure to check out one of the city’s best vegetarian restaurants. Denver and its vibrant culinary scene might just help open your mind and expand your palette.

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