10 More Favorite Kitchen Tools

By Kiersten | Last Updated: March 23, 2014

10 More Favorite Kitchen Tools

Last year I shared some of my favorite kitchen tools with you, but since then, I have some new favorites so I thought it was time to write another post. Because guess what? I cook a lot! And I’m always on the lookout for kitchen tools that make meal prep a little bit easier without breaking the bank.

10 More Favorite Kitchen Tools

1. Mushroom Slicer

Why I Love It: I bought a cheap egg slicer from IKEA that I thought I could use on mushrooms, but it broke the first time we used it, so I upgraded to this one. Yes, this is a very specific gadget, but if you cook with mushrooms a lot, you will love it for the time it saves you!
Used In: Mushroom and Zucchini Quesadillas with Cilantro Pesto
Buy It: Mushroom & Egg Slicer, $8.44

2. Spiralizer

Why I Love It: I debated long and hard about this one, but the ability to make zucchini noodles finally won me over. You can also use it to make curly fries. It’ll be like Arby’s all up in your kitchen!
Used In: Raw Pad Thai
Buy It: Paderno World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer, $31.25

3. Kitchen Shears

Why I Love It: My mom used to cut frozen cheese pizza with kitchen shears, but I most often use mine for mincing chives and slicing green onions.
Used In: Trimmed-Down Cheddar & Chive Duchess Potatoes
Buy It: Kitchen Shears, $19.95

4. Spill Stopper

Why I Love It This is easily my favorite kitchen find of the past year. You know how when you make pasta, the water always boils over? This fits on top of your pot and keeps that from happening. We have a glass cooktop and cleaning up that burnt on starchy water is a nightmare, so this has been well worth the cost.
Used In: Stovetop Pesto Mac
Buy It: Kuhn Rikon Spill Stopper, $21.99

5. Alligator Dicer

Why I Love It: I’ve seen these all over the place and even bought one as a wedding gift, but for some reason, I always thought they were a gimmick. But I got one for myself and now I’m a believer. Put the onion in it, slam it down, and boom, you have perfectly diced onions–all the same size, no wonky end pieces!
Used In: Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup
Buy It: Alligator Dicer with Collector, $26.53

6. Pizza Chopper

Why I Love It: I don’t think I’ve used my pizza wheel since buying this. With my wheel, I’d have to roll over the pizza several times and by the time I was finished, the edges of each slice would be completely mangled. This chopper makes it much easier to slice even pieces and it’s great for tarts and galettes too.
Used In: Lemon Gremolata Pizza with Cauliflower Crust
Buy It: Bialetti Pizza Chopper, $9.99

7. Pastry Scraper

Why I Love It: My mom bought me one of these for Christmas a few years back and I had no idea how I’d use it because I never bake pastries. But now it’s one of my favorite kitchen tools. Want to cut perfect squares of fudge? Brownies with straight edges? Use a pastry scraper!
Used In: Crazy Delicious Dairy-Free Chocolate Fudge
Buy It: Pastry Scraper, $9.95

8. Perfect Peeler

Why I Love It: I went through a lot of peelers before finding this one and it’s lasted me for more years than I can remember. The blade rotates so it works as both a Y-peeler and a straight peeler.
Used In: Curried Baked Carrot Chips
Buy It: Kyocera Perfect Peeler, $13.79

9. Cookie Dough Scoops

Why I Love It: I probably bake cookies once or twice a year, but that’s not why I love this thing. I use it as a scoop to make truffles, energy bites, and even meatballs. It minimizes the mess on my hands and helps keep things a uniform size.
Used In: Pumpkin Spice Energy Bites
Buy It: Stainless Steel Scoop, $11.15

10. Marble Pastry Slab

Why I Love It: I completely bought this for photos–I had no intention of actually using it for cooking. But one day I was making calzones and I didn’t have enough room to roll them out anywhere in the kitchen, so I decided to put my marble pastry slab on the kitchen floor and use that instead. The dough rolled out perfectly with less flour and less sticking than usual and clean up is so easy. This is now my preferred work surface in my kitchen.
Used In: Brussels Sprout and Grape Galette
Buy It:Marble Pastry Slab, $25.89

Do you have any kitchen tools that you can’t live without? Tell me about them!

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Thank you so much for writing this! The spiralizer and marble slab have been calling my name for a while now, helps a lot to have brands recommended by someone you trust!

I bought that spiralizer based on another blogger’s recommendation and I’ve seen a lot of other bloggers using it too, so I think it’s definitely a safe bet! 🙂

I love my oil spritzer since it means I don’t have to use Pam anymore. I also love my cherry pitter! My kids love cherries, but they won’t eat them unless I cut the pits out. I cannot believe how long I did it by hand since the pitter is so fast and easy. It works on olives too!

I totally need to get a cookie scoop! As for kitchen shears, I’ve recently found that they are AWESOME for cutting homemade pizza – so much easier than a wheel!

The cookie scoops were something I eyed for a long time, but I thought, “I don’t bake enough to justify that.” But man, I use them for so many things, I wish I hadn’t waited!

Thanks! Some of these will make great Christmas gifts or even hostess gifts! I never even knew there was such a things as #6. Adding it to my list right now 🙂

Yeah, it’s one of those things that seems a little silly, but it’s nice to have. 🙂 Someone mentioned on Facebook that she uses hers for strawberries, so hey, there’s that too!

Maybe I should forward this post to my family members so they know what I’d like for Christmas? What great ideas! I think the marble slab and the no-boil-over gadget are at the top of my list of wants.

As a baker, you will LOVE the marble slab. I don’t bake much bread, but I don’t know how I did pizza dough before I got it. I would knead it on a cutting board and it would always stick and when I rolled it out, it would spill over the edges and the cutting board would move all over the countertop. Annoying!

I have that same spiralizer and it gets so much use! Butternut squash pasta noodles is the latest and greatest thing to come from it. Off to check out some of your other picks. Thanks for the suggestions!

I honestly need those big and wide chopping board! i love cooking and baking! So it would be so convenient to have that wide and big chop board since I have to deal with dough at some point to. The board should stay perfectly still on my counter top though, it make it a lot easier to knead the dough.The wide chop board can be a good accent as well and I am a big fan of wood! Most of my kitchen appliances I got it personalized with some of wood part, just for the sake’s of aesthetic! I got most of my kitchen gadget and tools from online shops, check our site and I promise you you won’t regret it, thanks!

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