6 Great Recipes for Vegan Fondue

By Kristen Callihan | Last Updated: April 27, 2017

vegan fondue

vegan fondue

I’ll bet you thought you’d have to give up fondue when you went vegan, didn’t you? Wrong! You are so not done dipping yet! Turns out there are several genius ways to create rich, gooey veganized fondue that are perfect for your girls’ night in, date night, or even appetizers with the family. Be sure to have an assortment of dippers on hand from crisp veggies to crackers, pretzels, your favorite cubed breads, fruits (apple slices are DIVINE in most fondues) and even nuts (the larger they are, the better they’ll dip.) Take a peek at what we found:

Vegan Fondue (w/Hummus and Cashews)
As you can guess by it’s title, this fondue uses cashews and hummus (who doesn’t love both??) for its delicious flavor. You’ll need to soak the cashews first (a pattern you’ll find with most of our fondue recipes involving cashews – they need to soften up a bit first), which requires a few hours. Make sure you skim through the instructions on this one at least a full day ahead of cook time.
Quick & Easy Vegan Fondue
If you’re not a hummus fan, here’s one for you. It requires cashews and plenty of nutritional yeast, but not hummus. You’ll only need 20 minutes from start to serve with this.
Vegan Cheese Fondue
Another one with cashews – but this one also features summer squash and a splash of wine. Yum!
Cashew-less Vegan Queso
Although not technically fondue, this one works if you’re tired of cashews. Using eggplant and almond milk, this tasty dip will dazzle. Have a variety of dippers on hand for this one – including your favorite tortilla chips!
Chickpea Fondue
This one uses the protein-packed and smooth flavor of chickpeas mixed with a variety of spices. Don’t hesitate to double up on this recipe – it’ll go fast!
Vegan Chocolate Fondue
When you’re ready for dessert, heat up this decadent chocolate fondue! Dippers like grapes, strawberries, kiwi and apple slices are superb with this. You could also try making indoor s’mores with graham crackers and vegan marshmallows – those will definitely not disappoint!
For more fun: If you want get artistic or just enjoy the flavor blend of dark and light chocolates, try this treat! Make a couple of batches with darker and lighter chocolates and then blend together decoratively or keep separate for each person to dip as they wish. Kids love it and the chocolate often works as a topping over vegan ice cream or as a pastry filling as well.

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