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12 Delicious Millet Recipes You Need to Try

Millet Recipes - Millet Porridge w/ Cranberries & Quince

Millet recipes are naturally gluten-free grains cooked that are actually quite versatile. Mildly nutty in flavor, it can be prepared fluffy like rice, creamy like oatmeal, or even crunchy like granola. It’s heart healthy, high in fiber, B vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, and protein. It’s time to start adding millet to the list of foods to try and here are 12 delicious millet recipes to get you started.

Millet Recipes - Smoky Millet & Pinto Bean Patties

Smoky Millet Pinto Bean Patties // Eat ’em with a fork or pile ’em on a bun, but either way smother these patties from Veggie Inspired with your fave BBQ sauce and enjoy.

Millet Recipes - Morning Millet Porridge

Morning Millet Porridge // This comforting bowl of creamy porridge from Tasting Page makes me want to cozy up with a blanket and relax.

Millet Recipes - Millet Fritters

Millet Fritters // Try these gluten-free fritters by Well and Full on a salad or in a wrap with hummus.

Millet Recipes - Vegan Shepherd's Pie

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie w/ Cauliflower Millet Mash Crust // A healthy twist on classic comfort food from Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen.

Millet Recipe - Apple Pie Spiced Mixed Grain Breakfast Cereal

Apple Pie Spiced Mixed Grain Hot Breakfast Cereal //Gluten free whole grains, fresh apples, warming spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger and a little sweetness come together to create this cozy breakfast bowl from Veggie Inspired.

Millet Recipes - Panzanella Salad w/ Millet

Panzanella w/ Millet // Classic bread salad from Contentedness Cooking with added nutritious ingredients.

Millet Recipes - Lemon Millet w/ Chickpeas & Dill

Lemon Millet w/ Chickpeas & Dill // A bright and vibrant one pot dish from Veggie Inspired that comes together easily. The fresh herbs and lemon really liven this dish up while the nutty millet and hearty chickpeas keep it filling and comforting.

Millet Recipes - Vegan Millet Sushi

Vegan Millet Sushi  // Lighter and fluffier than rice, millet, along with roasted root vegetables, make this sushi from Vegan Sandra something special.

Millet Recipes - Chewy Blueberry Millet Quinoa Bars

Chewy Blueberry Millet Quinoa Snack Bars // Perfect for breakfast or snack, these bars from Blissful Basil are loaded with vital nutrients.

Millet Recipes - Easy Pumpkin Soup w/ Millet

Easy Pumpkin Soup w/ Millet // Happy Kitchen. Rocks brings us seasonal comfort food served up in cute little pumpkin bowls.

Millet Recipes - Millet Porridge w/ Cranberries & Quince

Millet Porridge w/ Cranberries and Quince // Flavors of fall come together in this creamy breakfast treat by Vegan Heaven.

Millet Recipes - Millet Black Bean Patties

Millet Black Bean Patties // Crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside, these gluten free patties from Veggie Inspired bring tons of flavor. Spicy chipotle sauce and pineapple avocado salsa are perfect accompaniments.

I hope you enjoyed these Millet Recipes. Which one are you most excited to try first?

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    July 10, 2020 at 12:05 pm

    In the piece you say it is a seed but treated like a grain…….GRAINS ARE SEEDS………..

    Also someplace please note you want whole millet as flour or “seed”. I got mine in Indian Store, and they have both. Because of the places I use it I have boult flour. After seeing THIS site I think I need to return and buy some seed.

    I don’t know what is what here.

    Also I do not wish to reinvent the wheel, so when usuaing flour how much water/liquid should be used so it cooks properly. Could I pan fry the flour dry and then use in something or must it be cooked with liquid to make it edible.


    Nice site! As a person withe Italian heritage I love my veggies along with anything tasty. A veggie meal is nice, but a large serving of veggies Always accompanies dead animals. Sometimes we have vegetarian meals.


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