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Red Chile Jackfruit Tamales from Vegan Tamales Unwrapped

Red Chile Jackfruit Tamales

Red Chile Jackfruit Tamales

Between cookbooks, e-books, and saved blog posts, I’ve got quite a collection of recipes to work from. So at this point, when I seek out a new kitchen resource, my number one priority is that it can teach me something new. I’m pretty adept at cooking up your regular everyday vegan dishes by now, so branching out into more fun and unusual recipes is my focus.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to check out a copy of Vegan Tamales Unwrapped: A Step by Step Guide to Savory and Sweet Tamales from Dora Stone of Dora’s Table and Mi Mero Mole.

Vegan Tamales Unwrapped

These Red Chile Jackfruit Tamales were the very first batch of tamales born out of my kitchen. Ever! I loved the recipe and I absolutely loved the tamales. Jackfruit makes the perfect meaty vegan filling for a batch of tamales that will satisfy vegans and non-vegans alike. They were totally delicious, and fun to make too.

I was initially nervous about finding all of the ingredients, but they were available at my supermarket, which does happen to be pretty well stocked. If you have any trouble finding anything, try a Latin American grocer, and if all else fails, you can get everything you need on Amazon.

You can purchase Vegan Tamales Unwrapped: A Step by Step Guide to Savory and Sweet Tamales on Amazon.