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17 Delicious Deviled Egg Recipes

17 Delicious Deviled Egg Recipes

I’m all of a sudden realizing that I don’t make deviled eggs nearly enough. They’re such an easy appetizer to make and great for parties and potlucks. I’ve also found that they’re nice to have on hand in the refrigerator when you’re looking for a quick afternoon snack that’s nutritious and low carb. One egg contains 6 grams of protein, making deviled eggs a healthy and filling option!

I’m pretty sure that you will never make plain deviled eggs again after seeing these 17 amazing variations!

Buffalo Ranch Deviled Eggs // A tangy twist on deviled eggs topped with a little blue cheese from Iowa Girl Eats.

deviled tomatoes

Deviled Tomatoes // If you no longer eat eggs but have a craving for the retro classic, deviled eggs, you’ll really enjoy these deviled tomatoes — a completely vegan rendition.

Jalapeño Lime Deviled Eggs // Jalapeño and lime are such a classic flavor combination in these deviled eggs from The Kitchen Is My Playground.

Mediterranean Deviled Eggs // Mediterranean flavors are some of my favorites, so I’m loving that Two Healthy Kitchens added them to these gorgeous deviled eggs!

Curried Deviled Eggs // Curry makes everything taste amazing, so I’m guessing these curried deviled eggs from The Muffin Myth are totally addicting!

Hummus Deviled Eggs // This is such a genius idea to add hummus to your deviled egg filling! I’m loving these hummus deviled eggs from Give Recipe.

Southwestern Deviled Eggs // It doesn’t get much better than some southwestern flavors in your deviled egg filling! I could eat so many of these deviled eggs from A Cedar Spoon.

Pink Pickled Deviled Eggs // These pink pickled deviled eggs from A Creative Bite are gorgeous! I’m sure they taste as good as they look!

Tarragon Goat Cheese Deviled Eggs // You had me at goat cheese! These deviled eggs from Magnolia Days sound like a party in your mouth!

Chipotle Guacamole Deviled Eggs // Just look at the pretty green color!  These chipotle guacamole deviled eggs from The Petite Cook look perfect for summer!

Beet Deviled Eggs // I can’t stop staring at these gorgeous beet deviled eggs from Heartbeet Kitchen! Just look at that color!

Paleo Dill Pickle Deviled Eggs // You can’t go wrong with a dill pickle and deviled egg combo! Plaid and Paleo definitely got it right with these.

Pickled Deviled Eggs with Dill and Crispy Quinoa // Avocado, quinoa and dill are three of my favorites, so I know that I couldn’t stay away from these pretty deviled eggs from Nourishing Matters!

Caesar Salad Deviled Eggs // How cute are these Caesar salad deviled eggs from Peace Love and Low Carb?  I love the Parmesan on top!

Greek Yogurt Deviled Eggs // I love the addition of Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise in these classic deviled eggs from The Real Food Dietitians.

Beet Pickled Curry Deviled Eggs // Anyone else can’t stop staring that vibrant beet color? I’m also loving the curry twist in these deviled eggs from Victoria’s Table.

Gochujang Deviled Eggs // You can just tell by looking at these deviled eggs from MJ’s Kitchen that they’re so full of flavor!

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