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Best Vegetarian Restaurants – Philadelphia

Best Vegetarian Restaurants - Philadelphia

If you think a meatless meal is unsatisfying, think again. Vegetarian fare is not only healthy but also tasty and satisfying.

Don’t believe it? Check out some of these vegetarian restaurants the next time you’re in Philly. These creative and innovative dishes may just have you trading in that cheesesteak for a vegan substitute.

Honest Tom’s Plant-Based Taco Shop

Plant-based tacos in Philly? Yes, this is a great alternative to a Philly cheesesteak. This relative newcomer to the vegan scene switched to an all plant-based menu in 2018. And the results are impressive.

Try some of your Mexican favorites with unique fillings such as the carrot and lentil barbacoa burrito. Or grab some tacos filled with roasted chickpea and plantain. The menu is simple and the price is just right for casual healthy dining on a budget.


Are you looking for upscale dining that caters to your vegetarian palate? Look no further than Vedge. Headed by a couple of James Beard-nominated chefs, the menu features innovative dishes that change with the seasons.

If you look up “best vegetarian restaurants in Philadelphia,” you may see Vedge atop the list. And with visionary dishes such as the Eggplant Braciole and Rutabaga Fondue, it’s not hard to see why.


Healthy? Check. Fast? Check. Vegetarian? Check. This restaurant delivers healthy fast food that is cheap and vegetarian. Okay, so not all the items on the menu are meatless, but there are so many vegetarian options that you will hardly notice.

Pick up the Buffalo Bella, which is a buffalo sandwich that replaces the traditional chicken patty with a crispy portabella. Don’t forget your side of sweet potato fries with spicy sriracha aioli. And wash it all down with an organic kale lemonade. As convenient as those familiar golden arches, without the added guilt afterward.

Terakawa Ramen

True, most ramen houses feature meat-based broths, but Terakawa Ramen has a couple of vegetarian offerings to soothe that ramen craving. Choose between Shoyu or Miso ramen flavors for a bowl packed with veggie and noodle goodness. Don’t forget the seaweed salad and mocha ice cream to round out your meal.

Next time your meat-eating friends want to go for ramen, head out to Terakawa Ramen and show them that vegetarians can slurp with the best of them.

Miss Rachel’s Pantry

Do you want to know a well-kept secret that vegans all over Philly know about? Miss Rachel’s Pantry. If it sounds quaint, it’s because it is. It’s also very exclusive and requires some advanced planning. However, if you can snag a seat at one of this establishment’s Friday or Saturday dinners, your reward comes in the form of an inventive, all-vegan multi-course meal.

The Pantry is also certified kosher. And if you are lucky enough to attend a dinner, don’t forget to bring your own wine. It’s BYOB and there’s no corkage fee, so bring what you like for a unique dining experience. Don’t forget to add this to your list of best vegetarian restaurants in Philadelphia.

New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant

Are you craving Chinese food? Tired of ordering your broccoli beef without the beef? New Harmony offers new and classic Chinese dishes with a vegetarian twist. Try their mock seafood selections like walnut imitation jumbo shrimp. Or grab an order of General Tso’s “Chicken.”

They have vegetarian, vegan, and traditional meat dishes. So if you have a mixed party with many different diets to cater to, this is a good option when you want to go to Chinatown.

Charlie Was a Sinner

Was Charlie a sinner? If the food is any indication, the sin may be gluttony. This establishment features whimsical cocktails and a mostly vegan menu. The intimate décor is perfect for a cozy date night with your favorite vegetarian.

Don’t forget to try the mu-shu tofu with fig and black garlic hoisin. Or maybe snack on their version of a crab cake that is made from zucchini. Whether you come for the drinks or stay for the food, this place makes the top of anyone’s list of best vegetarian restaurants in Philadelphia.

V Street

Funky and stylish, V Street features dishes that are inspired by street food all over the world. It’s mostly vegan and a tad bit spicy. The food is also brought to you by the same people responsible for the upscale restaurant, Vedge.

What makes this place unique are the little plates of vegetarian goodness like the Trumpet Mushroom Shawarma and the spicy tacos filled with Korean-fried tempeh and kimchee. Keep in mind that many of the dishes pack a lot of heat, so if spicy food makes you cry, you should probably pass on this one.

Govinda’s Gourmet Vegetarian, To-Go Location

Are you a native Philadelphian that doesn’t eat cheesesteaks? Or maybe you’re a tourist who passes on this regional favorite because you’re a vegetarian? Govinda’s offers veggie options of the famous Philly cheesesteak sandwich, so now you don’t have any excuses to not indulge.

Think along the lines of soy chicken cheesesteaks and pepper soy steak sandwiches. Technically, it isn’t a Philly cheesesteak, but for most of you vegans and vegetarians, it’s close enough. If that style of sandwiches doesn’t do it for you, there are also other offerings like the Kofta Ball Sub with vegan meatballs. Don’t stop there, though. This place also offers vegan ice cream and desserts.

The hybrid cheesesteak options alone make this to-go location one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Philadelphia.

Vegan Commissary

The Vegan Commissary is not exactly the place to go for your anniversary dinner. But this cozy vegan bakery and marketplace offers up meal plans for vegetarians and vegans who don’t have time to cook, or don’t know how to.

If you don’t want to invest in a weekly or monthly meal plan, though, you can always swing by for a revolving selection of vegan-friendly hot sandwiches, soups, and entrees. Choose from Grab & Go options like the gnocchi with basil pesto, or have a meat-less ball sub made for you fresh.

It’s a great option for vegetarians who want daily meal options without the hassle of cooking at home. It’s also what makes it one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Philadelphia.

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