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Best Vegetarian Restaurants – Los Angeles

Top 13 Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Did you know that the first raw vegan restaurant opened in LA in the 1910s? The City of Angels has a proud history of vegan and vegetarian cuisine. From traditional dishes to new inventions, LA’s vegetarian restaurants, buffets, and food trucks will give you an unforgettable experience and open your mind toward new possibilities.

Top 13 Best Vegetarian Restaurants – Los Angeles and Los Angeles County

Whether you’re new in town or you’ve just started exploring the world of vegetarian cuisine, this list will help you hunt down the best vegetarian restaurants Los Angeles has to offer.

1.      Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine

Located on South Fairfax Avenue, Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine is an experience you don’t want to miss. Instead of focusing on plant-based meat substitutes, Rahel Woldmedhin decided to focus on the plants used in traditional Ethiopian cuisine: chickpeas, split lentils, and more. You can choose between savory stews and beautifully served salads to eat with the traditional injera (an Ethiopian bread).

2.       Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre is an LA staple. This vegetarian restaurant serves an amazing variety of Mexican-inspired dishes. They have a truffle cheese platter that goes surprisingly well with their roasted squash bowl, along with many delicious salads featuring quinoa, chickpeas, or sea vegetables. The Melrose Avenue restaurant is a great option for hosting all-vegetarian events.

3.       Paru’s Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

Offering an all-vegetarian selection of South Indian dishes, this restaurant is worth exploring in depth. Paru’s focuses on traditional ingredients, such as lentils and rice. The roast dosa is particularly well-loved, and you can match it with various side dishes, such as chutney, yogurt, or ghee. Paru’s has a cozy, atmospheric location on Sunset Boulevard.

4.       Suncafe

Suncafe is a great option for vegan cheese connoisseurs looking for new plant-based delicacies. The selection includes tacos, pizzas, and various vegan snacks.

In addition to six different kinds of housemade cheeses, this restaurant makes its own plant-based mayo. Every step of the process is animal-free and fully ethical—in fact, the Sustainable Business Council elected Suncafe as the most sustainable restaurant in LA in 2015. Suncafe is located in Studio City, and it offers a rich catering menu as well.

5.       Shojin Organic and Natural

Curious about Japanese vegan cuisine? Located in downtown LA, Shojin offers a wide selection of vegetarian, vegan, and macrobiotic Japanese dishes. The signature sushi roll is made from spicy tofu and avocado. You can also try the Tatsuta-age soy chicken, topped with ‘caviar’ made from red tapioca. If you’re a fan of sake, give Dassai 23 a try. This complex and sophisticated rice wine goes beautifully with sushi, ramen, or mushrooms.

6.       by CHLOE

If you have a craving for vegan burgers and fries, check out by CHLOE’s LA location in Silver Lake. The restaurant is cheerful and deliberately low-key, and it offers takeout along with Postmates and Cavier to make deliveries. by CHLOE offers a selection of delicious plant-based burgers and meatballs, plus air-baked fries with seitan chorizo and tofu crèma.

7.       un solo sol

For a breathtaking selection of Latin American dishes, you should check out un solo sol. Carlos Ortez, the restaurant owner, is an entrepreneur and activist from El Salvador. His aim is to create an establishment that promotes unity, which is why un solo sol serves dishes from various Latin American traditions and even some specialties from the Middle East.

The restaurant, located in Boyle Heights, also displays stunning murals and features a colorful selection of Latin American music. You will love the specialties, such as stuffed baked plantain, as well as the selection of taquitos, tacos, and quesadillas.

8.       Baroo

Baroo’s website describes this eatery as “a free-style experimental kitchen.” While the furniture is minimalist, colorful preserves and dried, fermented fruits make up part of the décor. The menu features kimchi, handmade pasta, and housemade Kombucha. Finding this Santa Monica restaurant can be tricky, but the ambiance and dishes make the trip worthwhile.

9.       Crossroads Kitchen

Crossroads Kitchen was the first LA vegetarian restaurant to have a full bar. The menu is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and features housemade preserves and other delicious snacks. You can explore the late-night menu if you’re bar-hopping after 10pm. Located on Melrose Avenue, this restaurant has a warm, welcoming ambiance for a more traditional vibe than many other vegetarian restaurants. If you like, you can order deliveries via Postmates.

10.   Hsi Lai Temple Cafeteria

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, you can find delicious vegan cuisine at the Hsi Lai Temple. Located in Hacienda Heights, this temple is a short drive from East Los Angeles. The Vegetarian Buffet is open from 11:30am to 1:30pm on weekdays, and later on weekends.

Here you can enjoy authentic vegetarian Chinese dishes such as white turnip stewed with shiitake mushrooms. While the presentation is simple, the menu keeps up with all the best vegetarian restaurants Los Angeles has to offer. It’s important to keep in mind that this temple has a few simple rules for all visitors. For example, photos aren’t allowed inside the buildings.

11.   Señoreata

Señoreata is a mobile vegan pop-up eatery. Serving primarily Cuban food, Señoreata’s menu is mouth-watering and entirely plant-based. You can try the special beet burger, fairy rolls, and adorably served vegan deviled eggs. The weekly hours are 6pm to 10pm every Tuesday at Block Party Highland Park and 10am to 4pm every Sunday at Smorgasburg.

12.   Native Foods

Native Foods was founded in Palm Springs and has locations all across the country. The Los Angeles location is in Westwood. Native Foods offers dishes for every vegetarian palate, as the menu ranges from the delicate sesame kale macro bowl to the savory jalapeño burger. You’ll find various hand-held delicacies and a selection of crafted beverages.

13.   Butcher’s Daughter

Let’s end this lineup of the best vegetarian restaurants in Los Angeles with a vegan juice bar. The evocatively named Butcher’s Daughter has a seasonal menu, and the wellness lattes and teas are particularly popular among health-conscious vegans. The restaurant has a location in Venice, and also operates a food truck that you can hire for events.

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