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Best Vegetarian Restaurants – Indianapolis

best vegetarian restaurants Indianapolis

What kind of vegetarian fare can you get in the capital of Indiana?

Indianapolis is particularly well-known for its craft beer scene, but it also has excellent vegetarian eateries and bars to try. From traditional Hoosier dishes to the newest vegan or vegetarian innovations, Indianapolis offers something to everybody.

A Selection of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Indianapolis

Take a look at this overview of some of the best vegetarian restaurants Indianapolis has to offer. If you’re new to the city or new to dining out while vegetarian, this list will give you an idea of where to start.

Three Carrots Fountain Square

Located on Virginia Avenue, Three Carrots is a great choice if you’re on the hunt for an extensive and filling meat-free meal. Many of the dishes contain seitan or tofu, as well as an appealing selection of fresh veggies. You can opt for Korean, Vietnamese, and Mediterranean specialties, as well as corn fritters and burgers.

Vegasaurus Food Truck

Vegasaurus is one of the best vegetarian restaurants Indianapolis has to offer when you’re looking for a quick bite. Everything on their menu is completely vegan, including the sloppy joes and Buffalo wings. The fried cauliflower dishes are particularly popular. Vegasaurus focuses on zesty seasoning that evokes the taste of traditional soul food.

Follow this food truck online to keep track of its location. It operates all across the city, including Spades Park and Hotel Tango.

Public Greens Urban Kitchen

Public Greens is a cafeteria located on East 64th Street, with another location on Keystone Crossing. They have their own microfarm where they grow crops and edible flowers.

This cafeteria features some meat-based dishes. However, the salads and vegetarian snacks are both filling and delicious. You can try the gazpacho, the hummus, or the vegan chili.

If you care about giving back to the community, consider supporting Public Greens. All the profits made by this establishment go toward the Patachou Foundation. This foundation provides healthful free meals to local school-aged children in need.

Patachou Café

Just like Public Greens, Patachou Café supports the Patachou Foundation. This café has six locations across Indy, including one at the Indianapolis International Airport.

If you enjoy quirky décor, this café will appeal to you. The interior may remind you of a classroom, considering the chalkboard wall. The menu contains omelets, soups, salads, and vegan homemade desserts.

Broad Ripple Brewpub

For the full Indy experience, you can’t miss the city’s first brewpub. Broad Ripple Brewpub is located on East 65th Street. It offers a cozy, old-fashioned vibe and an amazing variety of draught beers and cask ales.

Their menu is very vegetarian-friendly, with plant-based pasta dishes, as well as vegan burgers and pizzas. Don’t miss out on the spinach melt and the eye-catching fresh fruit platter.

The Garden Table

This juice bar and restaurant is located on Massachusetts Avenue, with another location on East Westfield Boulevard. The Garden Table is a great option if you’re planning a cleanse, as it offers a wide selection of cold-pressed juices. If you’re feeling adventurous, try Hoosier Heater—a special blend that includes spinach, jalapeño, kale, apples, and citrus fruits.

They also have an extensive brunch menu, snack bar, and dinner menu at the Massachusetts Avenue location. You can go for the veggie boards, the cornbread bowl, or a bowl of vegan banh mi. If you’re visiting The Garden Table at their other location, your choices are limited to the brunch menu.

The Best Chocolate in Town

If you are a chocoholic, don’t miss out on one of the best culinary attractions Indianapolis has to offer. The Best Chocolate in Town has a friendly café space on Massachusetts Avenue, but you can also order their delicacies online.

This chocolatier specializes in lavishly decorated truffles, as well as truffle pies in various flavors. You can also sample their selection of caramels, toffees, chocolate pretzels, nut clusters, and other desserts. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a gift for a special occasion.

Tinker Street

For an upscale dining experience, try Tinker Street. Located on East 16th Street, this restaurant welcomes vegetarians and carnivores alike. They offer an abundance of vegan and vegetarian options, such as mushroom buns or squash pad Thai. The pleasant ambiance and quality wine list also add to the allure.

Ezra’s Enlightened Café

If you’re looking for an all-natural energy boost, try the smoothies at Ezra’s Enlightened Café on Ferguson Street. You can opt to add bee pollen, raw honey, coconut oil, and other vegetarian ingredients to your smoothie.

The café also serves salads, wraps, vegetable bowls, and various soups. Their menu also features gluten-free desserts and delicious raw ice cream. Additionally, Ezra’s Enlightened Café provides a platform for a variety of events and courses you can attend if you have a passion for healthy eating.

Pure Eatery

Although Pure Eatery isn’t exclusively vegetarian, the meat-free selection at this establishment rivals the best vegetarian restaurants in Indianapolis. This eatery has locations in three cities across the US. Their Indianapolis location is on Virginia Avenue.

Pure Eatery serves many different types of tacos and sandwiches. Their grilled vegetable panini is an excellent option. It’s also worth looking into their selection of noodles and salads.

3 Sisters Café

If you’re planning to dine out in style, don’t miss the 3 Sisters Café in the heart of Broad Ripple. This café is set up in the bedrooms of a redecorated Victorian house. It offers various breakfast options, hummus and goat cheese platters, vegan burgers, and other delicacies.

The Sinking Ship

In spite of the pessimistic name, The Sinking Ship has been flourishing ever since its founding in 2011. This bar serves a wide selection of craft beers, along with some unforgettable cocktails. Most importantly, their selection of vegan snacks is filling and delicious.

Tempeh, jackfruit, seitan, and black beans make up most of their dishes, though they do have a few meat dishes. You can opt for plant-based Buffalo wings, a vegan gyro, and burgers with seitan or other meat substitutions. Their vegetable chili is available as a side.

This bar is located on North College Avenue and their kitchen stays open until 2 AM Mondays to Saturdays. When you visit, you can take part in their special events, such as bar trivia or bingo. The Sinking Ship is a hockey bar, so you can follow the NHL while munching on your favorite vegan snacks. A fascinating selection of local artwork covers the walls.

A Final Word

There is a lot to discover if you’re new to Indy’s vegetarian scene. This was only a brief preview of the best vegetarian restaurants Indianapolis has to offer (along with a few traditional restaurants that understand the needs of their vegetarian clientele).

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