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Best Vegetarian Restaurants – Dallas

best vegetarian restaurants Dallas

Researchers discovered that Dallas residents eat out an average of 5.6 times a week. This means that there’s a high demand for restaurants that fit varying tastes and dietary needs. It’s not surprising that many places in the city offer delicious vegetarian fare.

Please enjoy this selection of some of the best vegetarian restaurants Dallas has to offer.

Beyond the BBQ: 13 of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dallas, Texas

If you’re new to Dallas, you may be surprised by the number of exclusively vegan or vegetarian restaurants and cafés. There are also many traditional Tex-Mex or Mexican restaurants that offer a good selection of vegetarian delicacies. But where is the best place for you to dine out?

1. Recipe Oak Cliff

Recipe Oak Cliff is located on S. Ewing Avenue. Their menu takes inspiration from indigenous dishes and traditional soul food. You can order falafels and other wraps, as well as zucchini noodles. Before you make your order, it’s a good idea to call ahead and ask about their current seasonal offer.

But it’s the smoothies and beverages that make Recipe Oak particularly famous. You can order aguas frescas with tamarind, hibiscus, and other flavors. You can also create your own drinks from the fresh ingredients they use in their juices.

2. V-Eats Modern Vegan

This Trinity Groves restaurant offers a selection of vegetarian meals for every palate. V-Eats has a great reputation in the city because of the efficient service and cozy, romantic ambiance.

The unique vegan brisket is the reason why many call it the city’s best vegetarian restaurant. Dallas cuisine prizes barbeque highly, after all. Apart from the brisket, V-Eats also offers a vegan take on BBQ pulled pork and chicken fried steak.

3. Green House Market

You can find Green House Market in NorthPark Center. This is an elegant, upscale gastropub that offers a multicultural selection of bowls, sandwiches, flatbreads, and salads. Kale and quinoa are popular ingredients in Green House Market dishes, but beans and rice feature heavily too. If you eat dairy, don’t miss out on their selection of delicious cheeses.

4. Kesari

Located on Independence Parkway, Kesari features wholly authentic Indian fare. You can order dosa with curry, chili, and various spreads and toppings. The daily specials include vegetable rice bowls and different kinds of lentil dishes.

The restaurant was named in honor of kesari, a dessert made from wheat, nuts, and clarified butter. They also offer a few other traditional Indian desserts, as well as beverages like masala butter milk.

5. Gather Kitchen

Soraya Spencer, the founder of Gather Kitchen, is an acclaimed chef with Algerian roots. Her vision was to allow customers to build their own meals from fresh, organic ingredients. Although this restaurant isn’t exclusively vegetarian, it’s easy to build your own bowl from noodles, sauces, nuts, and mouth-watering roasted vegetables. Gather Kitchen is located at Preston Center, and you can also order from them online.

6. Reverie Bakeshop

You can find this all-vegan bakery on N. Coit Road. If you consider yourself a dessert connoisseur, Reverie’s menu will delight you. From gluten-free pumpkin cinnamon rolls to gorgeously decorated cheesecakes, this bakeshop has something for everybody. The muffins and cookies are a great option if you’re traveling through Dallas and want to bring someone a gift.

7. Cosmic Café

For a contemporary take on traditional Indian dishes, check out Cosmic Café. If you’re looking for a filling meal, you can’t go wrong with this buffet. Consider their vegetarian plates with naan on the side, or sample the curries. The dessert options feature naan as well.

The Café is located on Oak Lawn Avenue and offers a fascinating selection of activities you can look into while waiting for your meal. For example, you can try on-site yoga or attend the classes hosted at the Café.

8. Grabbagreen Food + Juice

Grabbagreen’s Dallas location is on Gaston Avenue, across from Baylor Hospital. This hip bar and eatery is a good choice for smoothie fans and anyone doing a detox. They have filling food options as well, such as miso soup and various bowls and wraps. You can try the flavorful acai bowls for dessert.

9. Spiral Diner & Bakery

You can find this diner on North Beckley Avenue. If you’re looking for a homey breakfast place, Spiral Diner is an excellent option. Their rich comfort food selection includes all-day breakfast dishes, like their tofu scramble seasoned with bell peppers, onions, and potatoes. They also serve salads, wraps, and gluten-free vegan pastries.

10. Nature’s Plate

Looking for nutritious plant-based fast food? Nature’s Plate is popular among vegetarians on the go. Simply pre-order your meal and then pick it up in one of their locations in North Dallas or in Lake Highlands.

The restaurant offers soups, snack plates, and various bowls and wraps. Nature’s Plate is also a good option for fans of traditional comfort food. For example, you can order a lentil sloppy joe or a vegetable pot pie. The dessert selection is also impressive, featuring cookies, brownies, and fudge.

11. El Palote Panadería

If you love authentic Mexican cuisine, don’t miss out on El Palote Panadería. This all-vegan Mexican restaurant serves tacos, enchiladas, tamales, and many other delicacies. There are also soups, salads, and filling pastries to choose from. While you’re waiting for your meal, take the time to enjoy the cheery décor or look into El Palote’s music and poetry nights.

12. Kalachandji’s Restaurant and Palace

One of the best vegetarian restaurants Dallas has to offer is located in a Hare Krishna temple. At Kalachandji’s, most of the meals are based on ancient Vedic recipes and traditions. In addition to the traditional chutneys, curries, and steamed vegetables, the restaurant offers an international entrée that changes daily. The enchiladas are particularly well-loved. You can find this restaurant on Gurley Avenue.

13. JuiceLand

JuiceLand offers a selection of refreshing squeezed juices, including raw cold-pressed juices you can drink on the go. You can also order berry smoothies, green smoothies, or protein smoothies with house-made hemp milk. For an energy boost, why not try a shot of yerba mate?

There is also a food menu, featuring burritos, tacos, and Mediterranean dishes. This juice bar has three locations in Dallas: one in Plano, one on Sylvan Avenue, and one on the corner of Lovers and Inwood.

A Final Word

Dallas has a complex cultural history that’s reflected by its cuisine, so it’s a mistake to expect wall-to-wall steakhouses. From soul food to vegan burgers to South and Southeast Asian dishes, there is something here for everybody! The above list covers only a fraction of the best vegetarian restaurants Dallas has to offer.

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