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Best Vegetarian Restaurants – Austin

best vegetarian restaurants Austin

According to a 2016 survey, people dined out in Austin more than in any other major US city, and in 2017, Zagat chose Austin as the second most exciting food city in the country! But how difficult is it to find a good vegetarian meal in the heart of Texas?

Many Austinites are interested in plant-based cuisine. Austin restaurants feature various vegetarian takes on traditional dishes, and there are many innovations that are worth checking out.

12 of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Austin, TX

Dining out when you’re a vegetarian can feel daunting, especially when you’re new in town. To help narrow down your options a bit, here is a list of some of the best vegetarian restaurants Austin has to offer—from food trucks to traditional restaurants, bakeries, and bars.

1. The Vegan Nom

Grabbing a vegan taco for breakfast is a great way to start your day. When you’re in Austin, you don’t want to miss out on this staple of Texan cuisine.

The Vegan Nom is an all-vegan food truck that serves a variety of tacos and sauces. Their signature tacos come with grilled avocado, vegan fish, vegan chicken fajitas, and many other delicacies. If you’re in the mood for comfort food, you can also try the vegan buffalo chicken taco with cilantro-lime crema.

The food truck is open from morning to the late afternoon and you can find it on East Cesar Chavez Street.

2. Counter Culture

East Cesar Chavez Street houses another excellent all-vegan eatery. Counter Culture is a particularly great option if you’re craving vegan pizza. You can call ahead to learn about their weekly topping specials.

They also have an excellent selection of salads, as well as delicacies like baked seitan and a raw jalapeno shitake burger. The brunch selection includes quesadillas, tacos, and pancakes served with organic maple syrup.

3. Bistro Vonish

If you’re a connoisseur looking for an unforgettable dining experience, Bistro Vonish is one of the best vegetarian restaurants Austin has to offer you. Located on East 53rd Street, this food truck offers ‘elevated vegan cuisine’.

They make use of raw food techniques, as well as various innovative and traditional cooking styles. You can try their special weekly French toast brunches, various kolaches, and even vegan mac and cheese. Bistro Vonish uses fresh ingredients from Central Texas, so don’t miss out on their seasonal specials.

4. Casa de Luz

Casa de Luz is a cafeteria and community center located on Toomey Road. They focus on macrobiotic cuisine and offer a rotating selection of traditional dishes from across the world. The plant-based menu changes daily and centers on nuts, seeds, and leafy greens. If you’re visiting Casa de Luz, don’t forget to check out their selection of healthful teas.

5. The Beer Plant

Austin’s first plant-based gastropub is an experience you don’t want to miss out on. While it caters primarily to beer connoisseurs, The Beer Plant also serves delicious vegan snacks, as well as a wide selection of wines and cocktails.

The Beer Plant offers salads and sandwiches, including garlic rosemary seitan. You can order a plate of buffalo cauliflower wings to share while you’re sampling the drinks menu. Located on Windsor Road, this bar has a fun ambiance and stays open until midnight Mondays thru Saturdays.

6. Bouldin Creek Café

If you’re looking for an affordable and atmospheric vegetarian restaurant, try Bouldin Creek Café on the corner of West Mary Street and South 1st Street.

From filling soups and sandwiches to omelets and bagels, this café offers something for everybody. Their dinner features include vegan pasta dishes and a vegan BBQ plate. The Café also has a great selection of homemade desserts, including pie and cookies.

One of the best parts of the Bouldin Creek Café dining experience is the décor. This café is actively involved in the local artistic community and showcases a breathtaking selection of artwork by both up-and-coming and established visual artists.

7. Koriente Restaurant and Tea House

Koriente is a peaceful, homey eatery on East 7th Street that offers a fusion of Asian cuisines. From hummus rolls to miso soup, Koriente serves authentic and filling dishes from a variety of cultures. The lemon papaya salad is a particularly refreshing choice.

8. Mother’s Café

Here is a vegetarian restaurant with a proud history. Mother’s Café has been in business since the eighties. They provide takeout and delivery, or you can visit their welcoming location on Duval Street.

The menu features all-veggie plates and non-GMO tofu, as well as a selection of nuts and seeds. The gluten-free enchiladas are particularly well-loved. For dessert, don’t miss out on the home-made pies, chocolate cakes, and apple tortes.

9. Swad

Swad is one of the city’s best vegetarian restaurants. Austin has a great selection of South Asian restaurants, but Swad stands out because every item on their menu is filling and vegetarian-friendly.

This Indian vegetarian restaurant is located on North Lamar Boulevard, and the ambiance is casual and friendly. Don’t miss out on the garlic naan and the shak dishes, and be sure to try their Chinese-Indian fusion dishes as well.

10. Curcuma

Named after the turmeric plant, Curcuma is an all-vegan food trailer parked on East Cesar Chavez Street. They’re known for introducing Austenites to golden mylk. This traditional Indian beverage features turmeric and a zesty selection of other spices.

When you visit Curcuma, you can order hot or cold golden mylk, as well as golden mylk blends that feature MCT oil or cold-brew coffee. There is also a selection of delicious coffees, smoothies, and teas. You can also try the detox broth or a refreshing bowl of coconut yogurt mixed with turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom.

11. Capital City Bakery

Capital City Bakery is also located on East Cesar Chavez Street. This vegan bakery prepares each pastry from scratch. The ingredients are locally grown and the company pays special attention to using recyclable materials whenever possible.

Their signature cake comes in a variety of flavors, including carrot pumpkin, salted caramel, and mint chocolate chip. You can custom-order anything from cupcakes to wedding cakes. There’s even a custom flavor option that allows you to choose your own frostings and fillings.

12. BBQ Revolution

No tour of Austin is complete without sampling the local barbecues. BBQ Revolution is an all-vegan food truck that offers a breathtaking vegan-friendly selection including wheat roast, soy curls, and tempeh ribs. The truck is located on East 5th Street.

A Final Word

The best vegetarian restaurants Austin has to offer tend to feature Tex-Mex and Mexican dishes. In addition, the local vegan/vegetarian scene is heavily influenced by various Asian cuisines. You will also easily find meat-free versions of traditional American comfort foods, such as Buffalo wings and burgers. All in all, this city is rich in vegetarian dishes for every palate.

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