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Best Vegetarian Fast Food for Road Trips

eating vegetarian on the road tips road trip car food snacks tips

eating vegetarian on the road tips road trip car food snacks tips

Got a road trip coming up? While a great way to bond with friends or family, and see some sights, it can be a little harsh on the vegetarian diet. Stopping at common roadside burger joints has you desperately studying the menu to find something that’s not fried meat. But there are common roadside food chains that are easy to find meat-free options at. Below are several places to find vegetarian fast food for road trips.

Taco Bell 

This roadside favorite pops up on the blue highway restaurant signs often. It’s one of the best fast food options for finding vegetarian fare, as the menu relies quite heavily on beans. A bean burrito and you’re back on the road. The restaurant even has menu options that are certified by the American Vegetarian Association.


Being a burger joint, eating at Wendy’s is a little trickier. Their main combo meals are meat-based. However, this place has some of the best salads around. Not to mention it also serves baked potatoes, which are great sources of iron if you eat the skins, too. The natural cut fries also keep the skins on, so you’re getting some extra doses of iron that way.

Noodles & Company

While not technically fast food (you do sit down and have them bring the food to your table), this is a popular chain across the U.S. and the food does come fairly fast. This is one of the best places to eat as a vegetarian. You order your noodle bowls and have the option to add meat or not add meat. In fact, meat usually costs extra. So you have a super wide variety of menu choices that don’t have meat, from Wisconsin Mac & Cheese to Japanese Pan Noodles. Plus, there are tons of salads.

Panera Bread 

Also verging outside of the traditional fast food joints is Panera Bread, which still serves up its food pretty fast. This place has vegetarian soup options, like its black bean soup, tomato soup and garden vegetable soup, to name a few. Plus, it has baked goods to die for.


Because somehow road trips always end up at McDonald’s at some point, it’s worth mentioning. Lucy at the blog That Nerdy Science Girl calls it “a Brick Wall for vegetarians.” And it is tricky to eat healthy and vegetarian here. But it’s also tricky to eat healthy at most fast food places, so there you are.

If you want to eat vegetarian here, you’re looking at the side salad, fries and apple slices. You could also order their other salads without meat. Breakfast foods open you up to items like hash browns and pancakes. The chain has introduced veggie burgers in other countries, but one does not appear to be available domestically.

Burger King 

Veggie burger lovers rejoice! You can actually find a veggie burger on a road trip at Burger King, proving the restaurant chain really is the King of All Burgers! Add to that fries and/or a garden side salad, and you could actually pull off a decent vegetarian meal at an actual fast food burger joint.

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