Best Vegetarian Chili Recipes

Vegetarian chili with red and black beans, cheddar and pumpkin seeds
Vegetarian chili with red and black beans, cheddar and pumpkin seeds

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Traditional chili is usually a heart attack in a bowl: tons of beef, and some beans, and topped with sour cream, cheese and Fritos if there’s room. But vegetarian chili keeps the spicy, robust flavor of chili alive, plus packs in plenty of protein from those beans. On top of that, more creative veggie additions add to the nutrition, making the best vegetarian chili. Below are some of the best vegetarian chili recipes.

Best Vegetarian Chili

This chili packs a rich tomato base and only takes 35 minute to prepare. Onion, zucchini, black beans, pinto beans and tomatoes with chili peppers pack in the rich texture of veggies. Meanwhile, cumin and chipotle chili powder keep it spicy.

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Smoky Vegetarian Chili with Pinto Beans and Corn


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Sweet smoked paprika adds to the smoky flavor of this dish. A long list of veggies also packs in the nutrients, like onion, pepper, carrot, celery, tomato and corn. This recipe even calls for sliced avocado on top.

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Homemade Vegetarian Chili

This recipe packs tons of veggies like red onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots and celery. Black and pinto beans pack in the protein. And tons of spices like garlic, chili powder and cumin keep it hot.

Get the recipe: Homemade Vegetarian Chili

Spicy Vegetarian Chili

Fans of spicy food rejoice. Chili powder adds the kick to this dish, and both red and green bell peppers add to the flavor. Kidney and black beans pack in some protein. Onion, celery and tomatoes are a more traditional chili touch. The recipe also calls for finely chopped chipotles in adobo.

Get the recipe here: Spicy Vegetarian Chili

TVP Vegetarian Chili

If you want to pack some protein into your chili, this recipe calls for textured vegetable protein (or TVP). It allows you to be flexible in what veggies you throw in, from peas to carrots to mushrooms. The recipe also contains whole grain bulgur to add fiber.

Get the recipe here: TVP Vegetarian Chili

Easy Vegetarian Chili

easy vegetarian chili

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This is another recipe that packs in the veggies, like green peppers, onions, zucchini, stewed tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. To kick up the heat, there are spices like chili powder. You can simmer this together in about thirty minutes.

Get the recipe: Easy Vegetarian Chili

Veggie Chili

Here’s another recipe that packs in the veggies, like jalapeno, carrot, bell pepper, onion, garlic and celery. Oregano, cumin and chili powder keep it spicy and flavorful. Tomato sauce and veggie broth deepen the flavors.

Get the recipe: Veggie Chili

Three-Bean Vegetarian Chili

If you love a hearty three-bean dish, you’ll love this chili with kidney, black and pinto beans. Some interesting flavorings of this dish include cocoa powder, soy sauce and smoked paprika.

Get the recipe: The Picky Eater

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