Recipe | Lightly Sweetened Sparkling Meyer Lemonade

By Kiersten | Last Updated: January 11, 2018

Sparkling Meyer Lemonade

Meyer Lemons
This week I wrote about my freezer not working right and my seedlings being stunted and yellow. It’s been one of those weeks. It all started when I dropped my camera and from there, it seemed like nothing was going my way. Nothing! But my spirits picked up a little bit when we were grocery shopping on Saturday and I found that the stock of Meyer lemons was replenished. They had been gone and I figured they were out of season, but now they were back! And sure, most of them were a little bit soft and worse for the wear, but I picked through them and found some decent ones.

So this is going to be a happy post. Happy, happy! No more complaining about my camera lens or my gardening woes or my warm freezer. Because Meyer lemons, especially unexpected Meyer lemons, make me happy. Being a planner, I fretted a bit about bringing them home without a specific recipe in mind for them, but then I realized that the best way to enjoy the flavor of these Meyer lemons would be to make lemonade with them. Lemonade, after all, doesn’t need anything more than lemons, water, and sweetener. And the only thing better than fresh lemonade is sparkling lemonade. Since we have a Sodastream, we can make sparkling water at home anytime we need it, so I used that–if you don’t have a Sodastream, just buy a bottle of sparkling water at the grocery store.

Lightly Sweetened Sparkling Meyer Lemonade
This Lightly Sweetened Sparkling Meyer Lemonade is bright, tart, and effervescent. It’s impossible to be in a funky mood when you’re drinking sparkling lemonade. Impossible! As the name suggests, it’s only lightly sweetened with a little bit of agave nectar–I’m not a fan of cloying, syrupy lemonades, so I added just enough agave to balance the tartness of the lemons. If you like your lemonade sweet, add a tablespoon or two more. (Although the more agave nectar you add, the darker the lemonade will be.)


Lightly Sweetened Sparkling Meyer Lemonade

Sparkling Meyer Lemonade

A bright, effervescent sparkling lemonade made with Meyer lemons. Just sweet enough to take the edge off the tartness.

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 3 servings


  • 1/4 c. Meyer lemon juice (about 4-5 lemons)
  • 3 tbsp. agave nectar
  • 3 1/2 c. sparkling water


  1. Combine all ingredients in a resealable bottle. Close bottle and shake until well-combined. Let lemonade sit for a few minutes before opening (and open carefully!). Add ice cubes, additional agave nectar, and lemon slices when serving if desired.


  • Serving Size: about 1 1/4 cup

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Great minds think alike. 🙂 I had trouble finding Meyer lemons when we were in Wisconsin–I suspect that being closer to the source helps. And I think these were the last of this year’s crop. They weren’t looking too hot.

Love that life handed you lemons this week and you literally made lemonade 🙂 Sounds like a delicious way to welcome the warmer weather. I know I said we were done with trees, but we couldn’t resist planing a key lime/meyer lemon cocktail tree. It’s teeny tiny so it will probably be a while before it bears fruit, but I can’t wait! Hope your week continues to improve from here.

Meyer lemons and key limes?! Clearly that is the BEST FRUIT TREE EVER. I planted a tangerine seed a few weeks ago & it just sprouted, so at least you’ll be enjoying your lemons and limes before my tangerine tree starts bearing fruit. 🙂

Yummy! This sounds delicious, too. Sadly, I haven’t seen Meyer lemons in ages…but I do have a Soda Stream and a grapefruit – maybe I’ll give that a whirl!

I’m glad your week is finally picking up! That stinks about the camera. I’ve made lemonade before, but never with meyer lemons or agave. I have yet to see meyer lemons sold in the supermarket here (I was shocked when I finally saw blood oranges one day), but if I ever do I am making this!

Tempting! I’ve (inadvertently) killed several cuttings from my parents’ fig trees though, so I’m not sure I want to subject the little plants to myself. 🙂

The Sodastream is amazing. I only drink soda on Saturdays, but I drink a lot of sparkling water & sparkling water/juice mixes, so it is awesome for that. I think now there’s another thing that you can use to carbonate water–it screws onto bottles. I don’t know what it’s called, but I’ve seen it at Williams-Sonoma.

My camera is fine, but my lens broke. My husband put it back together, but it was having trouble focusing, so I bought a new (different) one which came in the mail yesterday. I am loving it!

They have a really distinctive flavor and they’re so fragrant–I love them! I don’t think I ever saw them in the grocery stores when I was in Wisconsin, so I’m happy that they’re easy to find in North Carolina. I’m sure as they become more popular, they’ll start selling them in more locations!

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