Wordless Wednesday: Deer Lovin’

By Kiersten | Last Updated: April 14, 2012


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My husband and I went to the Poconos for our 5 year anniversary a few years ago. There was a worker there that literally called for the deer by saying "Hey Baby" really loud! I couldn't believe how many deer that came running. At least 50- no lie. It was nuts!

My dog is very found of deer, too. In a different way than you, of course!
So, so, so pretty. You must have been pretty thrilled to be that close!

In the winter time my parents feed the deer. They're kinda fun to watch, but the bucks are HUGE and sort of scary! But they're so pretty.

Either you have a crazy lens or that thing is super close! We get them run through our yard and driveway sometimes and at my in law's house they have deer feeders out and can see them from their bedroom window!

awe. super cuteness. i miss seeing deer. i'm from michigan and we have tons of wild deer there. but i've since moved to thailand and.. although i live in the country, no deer to be found. lots of wild chickens though… and lizards.. and snakes… *sigh* i'd rather have the deer!

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