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By Kiersten | Last Updated: June 7, 2013

Stir-Fried Tofu and Walnut Crumb Salad

While I work on my cookbook, I’m inviting some of my favorite veggie food bloggers to do guest What I Ate This Week posts once a month. This month’s post is from Lisa, who blogs at Greek Vegetarian. I was so excited when I found Lisa’s blog because I always associated Greek food with meat (and feta!) and seeing so many delicious vegetarian Greek recipes in one place made me a little bit giddy. And then there’s Lisa’s photography! When you can make giant beans look stunning, you know you have a gift. I’m happy to have Lisa guest posting here today. Thank you, Lisa!

Hello everyone! My name is Lisa, from the food blog Greek Vegetarian and I’m thrilled today to be writing a guest post for Kiersten’s gorgeous blog while she takes time out to write a little bit more of her cook book.

I was over the moon when Kiersten asked me to do What I Ate This Week, not just because well, hello, this is the fabulous Oh My Veggies, but because it meant I could blog about some of the meals I have outside of the Greekosphere.

I love Oh My Veggies – I truly think Kiersten is an outstanding blogger, great photographer and amazing cook. She’s a constant source of inspiration to me. I’ve never known anyone as dedicated to blogging as Kiersten and even with her busy schedule I love that she still takes the time to reply to everyone’s comments. Needless to say I’m truly honoured that she’s entrusted me to post on her blog today!

Stir-Fried Tofu and Walnut Crumb SaladStir-fried Tofu and Walnut Crumb Salad // Not a week goes by that I don’t eat a bowl of this throw-together staple meal. It’s quick, easy, cheap, yum, and I never get sick of it. Simply chop up some firm tofu, fry in oil with lots of ground coriander and a little cinnamon. When almost done add some crumbled walnuts and fry until they darken a little. Remove from heat and prepare a small salad mix of leaves, tomatoes, peppers – what ever you fancy. Toss together with the tofu and walnuts and season well with salt and pepper, some fresh coriander leaves and a generous squeeze of lemon juice. Straight into a bowl, then straight into your mouth.

Lentil Mushroom MeatballsKiersten’s own Lentil Mushroom Meatballs // From the first day I saw these on Oh My Veggies I was in love. They look great, are easy to make, and taste insanely good. That’s all there is to say about these little amazeballs of goodness. Just Yum.

Lemony Lentil SoupLemony Lentil Soup from The Meal Algorithm // Now we all know how comforting soup is on a cold winter’s night, but I have a feeling this sunny soup could be enjoyed any time of the year. I’m actually sipping on this right now as I write and although we are in the midst of winter here in Australia, the gorgeous aromas of coconut and lemon are taking me to a tropical place far, far away from the horizontal rain that’s hitting my window right now.

Greek Herbed White Bean BurgersGreek Herbed White Bean Burgers based on a recipe from Where’s the Beef which was based on a recipe from The Tropical Vegan // I’d been wanting to Greekify these burgers for months and finally this week I got my burger act together. I’m hopeless at making burgers – the patty never wants to hold together while I’m cooking it and invariably ends up all over the place. But these are different! The patty is a firm dough rather than a squishy gumbo and holds together very well. And not to mention, is brilliantly delicious! All I did to bring a Greek flavour to these burgers was use dill and parsley instead of sage in the patty mix, and added feta, spinach, tomatoes and yoghurt to the burger itself. Burgopoulos!

Sweet Potato, Carrot & Chilli SoupSweet Potato, Carrot and Chilli Soup from I Spy Plum Pie // I love the simplicity of a blended vegetable soup and Liz at I Spy Plum Pie is ever-so masterful at making full-flavoured vegetarian dishes using a simple set of ingredients. I spotted this luscious soup on her blog a few weeks ago – the combination of sweet vegetables immediately grabbing my attention. I added loads of fresh ginger to mine and swirled a bit of cream in at the end and hell yeah, this was a good brew!

Gigantes (Giant Bean Stew)Gigantes (Giant Bean Stew) // More white beans because white beans are way cool! They are so versatile and form the base for many dips, soups, bakes, stews and, as you may have heard, burgers! Traditionally, “Gigantes” or “Elephantes” beans are used to make this hearty Greek stew. These beans are grown in the northern regions of Greece and can be expensive and difficult to find in other parts of the world, but lima beans make an excellent substitute. This stew also freezes really well – I’ve always got a few portions cryogenically waiting for me to bring back to life, and that I did last night.

Mocha Avocado Mousse with FrangelicoMocha Avocado Mousse with Frangelico (Tony’s recipe) // I know avocado mousse is fast becoming so passé but my partner Tony came up with a terrific variation that’s made it all novelty-brand-new again in our household. Just blend an avocado with 3 teaspoons of granulated Stevia, 3 teaspoons of cocoa, 2 teaspoons of instant coffee, 1 teaspoon of Frangelico liqueur, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence and a pinch of salt, sprinkle with ground hazelnuts, refrigerate and eat! It’s a fairly rich concoction so this batch is enough to split between two people. But man it’s good.

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Looks like a delicious week! Love this –> “I’ve always got a few portions cryogenically waiting for me to bring back to life.” Ha! I’ve been wanting to try gigantes since seeing them on 101cookbooks–giant beans sound like my dream! Great post!

Well hi there Lisa! I’m thrilled that your Greek adaptation of those white bean burgers worked so well, I’ll definitely mix up the herbs in future batches.

And props to Tony for spiking the chocolate mousse with Frangelico, I’ve got a stash that I’m currently pouring over kiwi fruit. 😉

Lisa these dishes look beautiful. You know I love your stuff. The mshroom meatballs look delicious and well done Tony with that mousse. Must try!

Hi Kiersten, I have not had much to do with tofu but would like to try more as an alternate to meat all the time how do I know when it is cooked properly. I love the look of your Greek recipe shown and would love to try that one. Thank you Amy.

Well, each recipe is different, so it depends! Some recipes, you’ll want the tofu to be crispy on the outside; others you’ll just need to cook until golden-brown. With a soup or stew, you just want the tofu to be heated through.

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