What Kare from Kitchen Treaty Ate This Week (+ an Easy Apple-Cinnamon Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe!)

By Kiersten | Last Updated: February 28, 2014

Apple cinnamon steel cut oatmeal

I’ve decided to mix things up a little bit and have some of my favorite veggie bloggers do guest What I Ate This Week posts once a month. This month’s post is from Kare, who blogs over at Kitchen Treaty. I love Kare’s blog because her posts never fail to make me laugh and because we seem to cook similar dishes–things that are unfussy and easy, but always delicious. I’m so happy to have her posting here today!

When Kiersten asked me to write a guest post for her What I Ate This Week column, I pretty much had to pinch myself. I love Oh My Veggies, and I can’t even begin to describe what an honor it is to get to write my first-ever guest post right here. After all that pinching, I started plotting. I’ve been known to creepily threaten to appear on Kiersten’s doorstop after reading about all the amazing stuff she eats every week, and even though it’s not quite the same when I’m making it myself, darn it if I wasn’t going to embrace this opportunity to eat well. Thanks, Kiersten, for both asking me to write the column and for the excuse to try some terrific new food!

Here’s what I ate (and drank) this week:

Cold-brewed iced coffeeCold-Brewed Iced Coffee from Kitchen Treaty // I could not be more thrilled that spring is finally upon us. Not only is it asparagus season, thank-goodness-the-dark-dreary-winter-is-finally-over season and daffodil season, it also marks the return of homemade iced coffee. Victory dance. A very, very jittery and caffeinated victory dance.

Apple cinnamon steel cut oatmealCreamy Apple-Cinnamon Steel Cut Oatmeal // My one-year-old daughter is going through a picky phase (please, let it just be a picky phase), but oatmeal is one thing we agree upon. I like to include various fruits and spices to keep things interesting for me – and to introduce new flavors and textures to the choosy one. My last purchase of Fujis ended up being pretty dicey – you never know this time of year, but I keep trying – so I needed to use them up. Apple cinnamon oatmeal to the rescue! I simmered 1 cup steel-cut oats, 2 cups water, 1 cup milk, 1 peeled and diced apple, a couple dashes cinnamon, and a tiny pinch of salt for about 25 minutes until the apples and oats were tender and creamy. Then I stirred in a teensy splash of vanilla extract and served the oatmeal with a little drizzle of maple syrup, raisins, and another sprinkle of cinnamon. And we dined while carrying on one-word conversations about birds, kitties, tractors, and … well … diapers. Hey, she brought it up!

Wasabi almondsWasabi-Flavored Almonds from Trader Joe’s // Holy. Moly. Put these spicy-hot little buggers straight into the so wrong/so right files. I ate way too many and had to send the rest with my husband to keep at his desk at work. No self-control. Now to think up an excuse to show up at his office.

Grilled asparagusGrilled Asparagus // Yay, asparagus! I’ve waited all year to enjoy asparagus again, and I love this preparation – I pretty much eat ’em like french fries. To cook them up, I just trim, wash, and dry the asparagus, then toss with olive oil and kosher salt. Then I throw them on the indoor grill pan over medium-high heat and cook, turning once or twice, for about 8 minutes, until tender.

Curried quinoa saladCurried Quinoa + Asparagus Salad from The Clever Carrot // I’ve been thinking about this salad ever since I saw it on Emilie’s gorgeous blog. Gingery curry dressing tossed with quinoa, asparagus, carrots, and dried cranberries. Interesting and wonderful.

Raspberry chia smoothieRaspberry Banana Chia Smoothie from Oh My Veggies // I did it! I finally tried chia seeds! I’ve been mildly afraid to try them. I think it’s the fact they can so easily attain a gelatinous quality, which is actually cool, but scares me a bit too. But this refreshing smoothie, which simply blends the chia seeds right in with everything else, was the perfect introduction. Now I feel all healthy and stuff.

Creamy Lemon Pasta with PeasCreamy Lemon Pasta with Peas and Optional Ham from Kitchen Treaty // I dealt with near-catastrophic camera issues this week (not good news for a food blogger) but I was finally able to snap a passable shot of this oh-so-tasty pasta dish so that I could share the recipe on my blog. I’m a vegetarian and my husband is a meat-eater (hence the “treaty” portion of my blog name), so this is one of my many recipes that goes two ways – veggie for me, and added meat for him.

Coconut oil pineapple banana breadPineapple Coconut Oil Banana Bread from Averie Cooks //This banana bread is unreal. Averie subs coconut oil for the usual butter (or other oil) and the results are remarkable – moist, soft, sweet, irresistible. I added in some fresh mango along with the pineapple. Divine.

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