What I Ate This Week | You can’t go wrong with kale.

By Kiersten | Last Updated: September 5, 2012

Sweet Potato Pizza

We ate a lot of kale this week. So much, in fact, that my two remaining kale plants have been completely depleted and removed from the garden. Am I neurotic for feeling a little bit guilty about that? Farewell, Curly Scotch Kale plants! You served us well.

Here’s what I ate this week:

Sweet Potato PizzaSweet Potato Pizza with Kale & Caramelized Onions // It’s been so long since we’ve had pizza, so my husband and I were both in agreement that it was time to make one. This is one of our favorites. Even though it looks a little involved, it comes together pretty easily and it’s definitely worth the effort.

Baby Bella and Kale CasseroleBaby Bella and Kale Casserole // I changed this one up a little bit–the original recipe called for large pasta shells and I stuck with that in my first adaptation, but now I’m subbing in small pasta shells. It’s a little bit easier to eat this way and the small pasta shells come in whole wheat, which I prefer to white pasta.

Dinner from NeomondeMiddle Eastern Food! // My husband was on a business trip for a few days this week, and on his way home from the airport, he stopped at Neomonde to pick up dinner. I usually try to limit takeout to the weekends, but I can’t say no when it comes to pita bread and hummus. And Neomonde has the best caramelized onion and lentil salad–so good!

Oatmeal with Chai Spiced Slow Cooker Pear ApplesauceOatmeal with Chai-Spiced Pear Applesauce // Yes, as you can see, I’m still trying to eat healthier breakfasts. No more breakfast pudding for me! (Okay, maybe sometimes I’ll still have pudding for breakfast. Sometimes!) Oatmeal is a little more labor-intensive than muffins, but it’s still pretty doable.

Finished Strawberry Mango Fizz SmoothieStrawberry Mango Fizz Smoothie // I love making these–they’re fairly low in calories and super easy to whip up.

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My CSA has been giving me kale by the boatloads for months now.

The pizza and casserole look spectacular! I’m always so unadventurous when it come to pizza toppings. Thanks for the great idea.

Oh my … mouth is watering and I’m dying to try out your kale recipes. Hubby is cooking tonight and after reading your post, I suggested he make pizza with … kale. So, that’s our menu tonight. Thanks for sharing!

I hope it turned out well! I love kale on pizza. I’m not a big fan of spinach (it’s alright, but I’m pretty meh about it), so a lot of the time I use kale instead. And the fact that I grow a ton of it helps too. 🙂

The cassarole looks awesome. I’ve gone wrong with kale, I’m ashamed to say 🙁 I tried to do kale “chips” twice and we disliked them…twice. We actually prefer it just raw and chopped into a salad.

PS…one of my basil seeds is starting to sprout!

I tried to do kale chips once and we didn’t like them either. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but they definitely didn’t turn out right. But I dislike raw kale too! Have you tried just sauteing it?

Yay for basil! I was just thinking today about how happy I’ll be when I don’t have to pay a fortune for it at the grocery store. 🙂

Someone commented on another post I wrote about kale being bitter, but I’ve never had that experience–I think it’s pretty mild. What I really like about it is the texture. I don’t like how spinach gets kind of slimy when you cook it. Kale is more chewy. I guess chewy isn’t really the word I’m looking for, but it’s definitely not slimy!

My family doesn’t like kale much unfortunately. I just bought a big bag and am going to use it for green smoothies this week, so at least I get some kale even if they won’t eat it.

One of our favorite local restaurants sells a pizza with hummus instead of sauce! I’ve never gotten it because it also has feta on it, but I’ve had the idea floating in my head for a while. And since the hummus would do a pretty good job of holding veggies in place, it would be an easy recipe to make vegan.

I too love middle eastern food. My daughter’s boss grows kale and I’m never quite sure what to do with it. You gave me some great idea here…thanks 🙂

I’ve been trying to like kale for a long time but putting it on pizza is genius…I can overlook anything on pizza. That kale and baby bella casserole looks promising too. You may just get me to love kale!

You know, I feel dumb writing it, but I didn’t even know you could eat Kale. I thought it was for garnish only. These all look really lovely!

I have yet to try kale! There’s this local shop that serves kale that tastes like korean nori and I really want to try it. I heard kale chips are pretty easy to make too.

One day… =)

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