What I Ate This Week | The Week I Discovered Paper Bag Popcorn

By Kiersten | Last Updated: September 8, 2012

Paper Bag Popcorn

And oh, what a glorious week it was! I loathe microwave popcorn. I find it too salty, too fake buttery and just pretty gross in general. For months now, I’ve been wanting to get a popcorn maker because I figured that was the only solution. But then last weekend, I was reading this month’s Everyday Food and there was a little blurb in there explaining how to make popcorn in a paper bag. Best. Idea. Ever.

Paper Bag PopcornPaper Bag Popcorn // The recipe is all over the internet (I’m apparently the last person to know you can do this) and some of them differ slightly, but here’s the gist: you put some popcorn kernels in a bag, you fold it shut (some recipes say to staple the bag–I wouldn’t recommend this) and you microwave it for about 3 minutes. You can put oil and seasoning in the bag pre-popping, or you can put it on afterwards. I like making mine with about a teaspoon of oil (to help the flavor stick), flavored salts, smoked paprika or chopped fresh rosemary.

Kale and Mushroom Tortilla CupsKale & Mushroom Tortilla Cups // I got this from Everyday Food too. The original called for spinach, but I’m not a big fan, especially when it’s cooked. So I used kale instead. I added caramelized onions (they make everything better, right?) and less cheese. I also omitted avocado. I like this idea of making things in tortilla cups. I will have to revisit it in the near future.

Chai-Spiced Pear Applesauce RecipeChai-Spiced Slow Cooker Pear Applesauce // Can you tell I’m excited about fall?

Lemony Braised BroccoliLemony Braised Broccoli // Another from the September issue of Everyday Food. (Sorry, none of these recipes are available online yet–they want you to buy the magazine!) Usually I love everything I make from Everyday Food, but this was pretty meh. I prefer my broccoli roasted.

Sun-Dried TomatoesSun-Dried Tomatoes // I’ve been making these every weekend to eat throughout the week! Making your own sun-dried tomatoes is much easier than you think and they taste so much better than the store-bought kind. Read my post on Henry Happened to find out how to make them yourself!

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I love popping my own popcorn! It makes me feel like I’m cutting down on harmful chemicals and is so much cheaper and easier to customize! Oh and I just read how the lining of microwave popcorn bags has been linked to Alzheimer’s – yikes!

I haven’t made microwaved popcorn in years, once a friend told me about popping on the stove. She said the flavor is just different. She was right! I try to do it with a minimal amount of canola oil, and sometimes I don’t even butter at the end. Sometimes the smell of microwaved popcorn at work makes me want some, but I don’t buy it. I’ll have to try the paper bag method sometime. And, I’ve decided I hate movie theater popcorn. The price is highway robbery, and it never tastes as good as it smells.
Also, the sight of your chai applesauce makes me want to find a U-pick farm and make my own!

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